Blackberry “refuge” applied ecology, amazon is a self-help or fault?

the blackberry official recently announced the alliance for a with amazon, through the application of the blackberry and amazon ecosystem. This means that future BB above 10 version of the blackberry smartphone users, will be able to enjoy the application of the amazon AppStore.

after amazon announced the AppStore application number has breakthrough 240000.

for blackberry, the lack of applied ecology has been a bottleneck in its smartphone business development. And amazon cooperation, no doubt, can make use of relatively large AppStore application resources, attract more potential customers. To put it bluntly, struggling for blackberry had to take refuge in day is better than the amazon intelligent equipment business.

however, those who take refuge in the amazon can really save yourself? The following two points is very noticeable.

the first, the Kindle and amazon just launched smartphone, branch is carrying the Android version of the system. Blackberry application using the amazon AppStore, amounts to indirectly by Android. Given is not exclusive application for blackberry development, blackberry and amazon’s ecological cooperation, is likely to make the blackberry indigestion. A typical example is that Android applications run on BB 10 effect is not very good.

second, if blackberry could eventually make the Android experience good running on BB 10 platform, so we can not help but ask, what other developers are willing to for blackberry smartphones do not please painfully application system development? And amazon’s marriage as “kill five hundred, since the loss of one thousand”. In other words, the future blackberry smartphone system could lose completely independent status, and had to like amazon, extensive “plagiarism and optimization” two-way merchants.

however, for blackberry service now, not to find a rely on basically equal to die. If you can do “split the Android business well, also can yet be regarded as a way out.

it is understood that the blackberry app store will be 21 next month, officially discontinued music, movies and TV shows. After media reports that the latest BB 10.3 due out this fall.