Blended, move the intellectual property legal services to online

cure sunflower seed, arteries and veins of beverage, nutrition centuries wire, sea b shampoo, these “fake” products have you ever heard that, as a fair competition in the market of cancer, they were so annoying. Real heart gaunt, as well as the rights of enterprise but side-door concept is never long. The new trademark law, “intellectual property protection is more and more attention.

si-si liu, worked with the China trademark association, as a brand planning experts, for lenovo, China real estate, and other institutions to provide intellectual property legal services, the industry is very sufficient experience. Out of business, she did know that blended with the junior partner, the intellectual property legal services moved to the line. A goal, will transition, legal service for the customer to provide transparent, trademark, copyright, patent cases operation monitoring target do: service quality standardization and the quality control of the case.

blended service object currently include small and medium enterprises, business groups, taobao shops, etc. To provide fast, high-quality trademark registration, copyright registration, patent and other intellectual property services.

intellectual property right protection, and the traditional institutions how to do it.

why chat to move the service to online, CEO si-si liu first to my fun offline agencies, working mode and industry. One sentence summary: service attitude and professional knowledge in this field needs to be further improved. Intellectual property service is the most important piece of trademark and copyright services. With trademark service it, a domestic registered trademark agency nearby. But low barriers to entry the industry, leading industry practitioners quality is uneven. Next is the service level. Trademark agency market malignant competition seriously, sick case frequency in industry. Is more serious, especially the malicious registered trademark agencies other company’s trademark, the state trademark office designated agency to call enterprise, that the company trademark is registered, require companies to register as soon as possible, be shanghaied enterprise will entrust their relevant trademark is to spend money to buy down, in order to ease. Under this part of ti is indeed exasperating. Here to spread a knowledge: the trademark office will not designated agents, when we have met so that must be cheat.

know blended do online, the purpose is to change the status quo. Their main characteristics, also mentioned above, the service quality standards, case quality is controllable.

know blended service process is the fact that the customer through the known blended bought knowledge products and services, will be assigned an adviser and a lawyer to do all the diagnosis program, customers can also in the process of its monitoring every service process, the service of every node, known as blended also by SMS, E-mail to inform customers. Don’t have to worry about in the process, can’t find agents, or even broken can’t find. Within 6 months and their support for a refund, dissatisfied with the service, can be a full refund. Why do you want to do this, si-si liu told me that they have the bottom spirit. Because they know this industry, is also a senior team members in the industry, industry for many years, they are confident the quality of service.

profit model, the product service is in itself a source of profit, and recently, they launched a trademark registration service, free thinking, also want to play the Internet early free to attract customers, and finally by the high quality service to retain them. Trademark registration is the initial stage, the enterprise future copyright services, anti-counterfeiting service and other intellectual property rights is the direction of their future.

know oneself blended positioning is intellectual property legal services to electricity, with standard service, cost-effective price, to do online. Now their competitors have bangxin, couplet, these traditional enterprises (electric pin) include legal electricity green dog (platform mode) and law of cloud (traditional law firms + Internet business)

for the traditional enterprise, at present, more the concept of intellectual property protection is to let them know the importance of the intellectual property legal services to move to online education is the biggest problem the customer’s cost, the standardization of online service more is to let them know the existence of the blended. Offline education cost is the key to know the future for blended. The Internet to transform traditional industries, it is a good start.

Based information

company: Beijing know fruit technology co., LTD.

website: http://www.zhiguoguo.comKnow blended

time: January 2014

location: Beijing, haidian district

stages: initial

areas: intellectual property rights, legal services

introduction: know blended network is one of the intellectual property legal services e-commerce sites, the current main trademark, copyright and other intellectual property services.

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