Bloomberg news: the Chinese government is strongly recommended that Banks give up using the IBM server

, the Chinese government, for the sake of the country’s financial security has already begun to bank on inside IBM high-end server this behavior, in risk assessment. It is understood that the central bank and government agencies in the future to encourage Banks more depend on the local server manufacturers products.

for the above situation, IBM does not give direct response. But if the accurate, this will undoubtedly make IBM server business was a bitter struggle, become worse. In the first quarter of this year, IBM’s revenue in China fell 20% year-on-year. At the same time, IBM’s revenue in the asia-pacific region accounts for 14% of the total revenue of the company (excluding Japan).

analysts pointed out that Microsoft may also suffer. After the government will launch Windows 8 announcement organ procurement system of computing devices, ruled out.

in addition to the potential safety problems, the government has also pointed out that IBM high-end servers compared to similar competitor’s products, the price is too expensive.

meanwhile, analysts pointed out that this news will be much good local Chinese manufacturers by the server.