Bracelet is not good for nothing, millet which space for others

hunting cloud network on July 26

* m 4 conferences in the past, in ray booth non-diplomatic speech launched a surprise letting a person drops m 4 of the jaw, and a lovely bracelet price. Today we said this millet bracelet!

bracelet product has practical function, lack of ecological construction is

a lot of people feel about the movement of the main monitoring bracelet products these simple functions, requires the user to adhere to, take the initiative to use, so the user viscosity is very poor. Xiao yun in no details about the bracelet before (and other movement monitoring equipment), so the reasoning. But after understand the target market of the products, found that in fact is not the case.

don’t know everyone around friends of losing weight? Beside the reader with weight loss friends may have understood the meaning of products similar to bracelet.

to lose weight or exercise, is a very painful thing, fat isn’t you to jilt to jilt to jilt, muscle is not you want to want to come to come! Every time into the fitness “difficult climbing period” to lose weight, eat that kind of pain is xiao yun this dead don’t become fat man is difficult to understand (snap aggro, ha ha). So the two people will be through a variety of methods to reassure themselves.

dear friends hiding the scales of losing weight, take out the calculator, buy a spring balance, milk as far as possible to buy with their detailed packing scale (or buy), every moment of the conversion the calories, wear watches never met for many years, the book on a pile of alarm clock, remind yourself what time to drink water, eat and activities. Recipe would go directly to the laboratory experiment data are decomposed.

the gym close to see the muscles of the body is not to come out, upset them attractive chicken sense how to also won’t… Urgent!!! Open book gathers up all sorts of nutrition, what green vegetables, crude fiber, sugar, protein, vitamins, try all kinds of collocation, the intestinal environment seriously, detoxification, respiratory frequency. At the end of the various protein powder drank hard, just for the two small muscles.

all in all, people are going crazy. Years ago a friend consulting what sport I buy bracelets? I asked why buy it? A: to lose weight. for weight loss and fitness is the activity of two need to exercise and not exercise, the more the better, sports bracelet was their last resort…

this kind of mood I don’t understand… Xiao yun in weight gain because it is over, oh, yeah!

so you don’t think that bracelet products, this product is a very practical tool. Now the question is: how to make the tool better use, allow the user to involuntary leave?

this is the problem of ecological function extension and software. More hardware and software function allows users to experience the fun of to do data testing, good software ecosystem to inspire the enthusiasm of user generated content, consumption content.

these bracelets products, even if you are thin as lightning species will have to buy.

millet bracelet products good, entrepreneurs to oneself also has a problem, need not too melodramatic

79 yuan of millet ring compared with other into hundreds of thousands of hand ring products, it is really enough. Although never escape from fake others’ design, but with the current technical level of the supply chain, software strength of millet, millet bracelet quality function should be no problem.

then, millet because “shanzhai” this problem, and has been questioned. A bit exaggerated view is “from ideas to look everywhere in the stronghold.

but say so like a special standing in the highlands to the moral, a the feeling of being bully. First of all, the movement monitoring bracelet products can not be a creative, this is a technology development mature, to this step inevitable product. So who said this is my idea, is a bit wonky, this is the whole of the hardware industry.

on the product design, scold scolded, do not escape the stronghold.

about “millet will pursuit of small entrepreneurial teams”, the problem of entrepreneurs nor too self-confident aloof and will only talk time. For large companies with their own powerful technology, industry chain relations small company’s problems, it is impossible to avoid. any entrepreneurial teams must consider this question from the start, use their first-mover advantages, to accumulate all kinds of technology patents, to establish patent barriers, give yourself some breathing space, the marketing of the capital.

now that you are first, you should not, has the standard properties of core technology patent, what is your first? what do you want to with an idea, don’t honestly do technology, products, like in a variety of unusual, and the price is too much profit, this for those who honestly do technical accumulation of large and small manufacturers fair?

when pressy in silicon valley to snivel about how their creativity by China’s fast button, millet rice key copying, pressy how don’t say yourself on this gadget has accumulated many patents of sex first? Just flashes repeatedly complained of his ideas, but don’t say our team is badly, even that price is high, repeatedly. The treating technology and user?

how many is the technology you use other product lines within the company for many years to conscientiously, meticulous research and development, accumulating out! ? And you only use a “my idea” as stepping stone to the somebody else to treat!

of course people will ridicule domestic patent specification problem, if the millet violations that your technology patent technology achievement, not just to take this opportunity to everywhere the satisfied name?

so the entrepreneurial teams need not too cute, if your idea is really good enough, your technical team enough cow X, how could you not sexual advantage first. since have these advantages, the company’s pursuit of also is a good chance to you overnight !

bosses millet, brought bracelets products what new opportunities?

often stop hunting cloud network readers will know, xiao yun has always been to the excessive marketing of millet, the commitment, easy to keep highly skeptical attitude. But this time the millet hand ring, xiao yun had to admit, really good!

in particular, the use of bluetooth technology users’ personal ID authentication, this really need hardware and software technology research and development for a long time, but also can reflect “hardware” Internet characteristic most place.

did this millet, other play chirp unwilling to act quickly before the Internet ceos start to worry. Because this is a natural movement social accounts!

if the millet rice, millet BBS chatting, millet, millet, millet, millet, desktop directories TV function of cloud services, and so on social traces all together, in millet bracelet is convenient, the sports community social as a starting point, maybe millet social ambitions can be cinched now!

so after that, the other bosses have to hurry to the Internet! This is the huge opportunity of bracelets class entrepreneurs: big capital, resources, a strong catalytic effect!

for a consumer product, the final purpose is to benefit the ordinary consumers! all don’t pay attention to technology and users, intent on a creative entrepreneurs make a lot of money and still get to squeeze the bubble is broken! Technology industry is not suitable for you this kind of don’t respect people!