Braise in soy sauce meat: Mr Liu and Mr Wang Shared memories

the author: JiYongQing WeChat ID: it – reporter

on April 20, a much-anticipated liu chuanzhi talks with Mr. Wang li garden villa in guangxi nanning international conference center. Two of the most successful Chinese entrepreneurs, combined with CCTV host bai yansong mouth, three people talk about two hours, LaoJi listen to with relish, love not tired.

before the conversation of two entrepreneurs who each have five minutes to speak. Wang shi is the theme of the death, “since life is a process that should accept your old, accept your old age is a kind of state, is life is perfect, we can’t avoid. And so on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of a corporate level of life, life will be longer, and can even hundreds of years, anyway, life is limited, must constantly metabolism, but growth is not an enterprise rely on one person, that one generation to another.” The speak quite smack of Stanford university, jobs speech, perhaps that’s because through death, wang shi in ten years ago I have given the vanke CEO position out, oneself to conquer the mountain, in recent years is spent a lot of experience to do public welfare undertakings.

he started to speak is the theme of “braise in soy sauce meat”, “by the hungry people eat red meat, with people didn’t get too hungry to eat red meat around the taste is different, I and Mr. Wang to get too hungry, bai yansong almost things, but also how much was too hungry, so when you talk together have a common language. So I want to talk about, I especially hope behind young people know what taste to starve. Young people nowadays think can eat braise in soy sauce meat, everything was born, I really be afraid of this.” He also recalled his finish see feng xiaogang’s “1942”, after half a day sitting in the cinema chairs for the kind of spiritual shock, recalls her newborn when my parents hold yourself back to their hometown, zhenjiang city, jiangsu province bow to the Japanese soldiers of that kind of humiliation at the railway station.

business 30 years ago, Mr Liu is not so big ambitions. At this time there was a company academy of sciences, each time attending turnover is more than 100, he felt that lenovo can reach the scale is very satisfied. In 1985, he as a representative of the IBM PC agent service attended a IBM PC channel conference, see the eyeful is tall, the deepest impression is to have snack to eat at the meeting. Mr Liu is the good family still such, visible when the degree of material deprivation of the Chinese people.

as people born in the early 70 s, also has experienced the stages of material deprivation LaoJi childhood, also used for food stamps, clothing these things, so can understand part of Mr. Wang and Mr Liu. The entrepreneurship, their generation is largely in order to “braise in soy sauce meat”, to improve yourself and everyone’s life. Liu recalled, lenovo business start-up capital from the calculation of assets of 200000 yuan, the director of the support they venture, is hope lenovo do after can send ict colleagues money, improve your life.

this kind of struggle for survival experience, make the group of entrepreneurs in the 80 s burst out of the great enthusiasm. Before 1984 Mr. Wang is drummed up feed, as the city he and migrant workers off the arm on the station work together, his attitude to the station on the tube wagons left a deep impression of the leadership, a good time to give him a batch of down two unplanned wagons.

plan, system, funds, these in today’s young people don’t have much feeling sound of resources, and in that year is so precious. Headed by Mr Liu and wang shi of China’s first generation of entrepreneurs, they often have to use the identity of the state-owned enterprises to establish the company, also can get the original that startup capital. At startup, lenovo even dedicated to earn money to pay back to calculate, again by ict to lenovo employees salary, in order to give employees create a sense of their countries or people. While lenovo’s first general manager of the startup, in the second year after the start-up regression calculation, because after return to improved within the system. In the concept of the time, only follow the system is “braise in soy sauce meat to eat!”

however, these entrepreneurs are not content to this, hope to get a bigger breakthrough. In 1988, vanke started shareholding system reform, wang shi to the government to part of the employees, vanke has become the shenzhen stock exchange, the first batch of listed companies. However, everyone was amazed is, Mr. Wang gave up their own shares. “My business is not for the money”, when bai yansong ask why he did this, he replied flatly.

liu chuanzhi also admitted that his “entrepreneurship is improved 20% 20%, life is to look at what you can do that in the past 40 years is suppress panic”. After his win, enlightened and academy of sciences, lenovo employees got 35% of the value-added part of the company’s performance receive dividends, and eventually convert it into employee shares. Legend in 2009 completed the last jump, by introducing the sea group and its staff approval, become a real private capital dominated mixed ownership enterprise, state-owned capital is complementary. All-powerful and that some of the entrepreneurs such as ChuShiJian, NiRunFeng, but since there is no solution to the problem of shares made it exits, wise if Mr Zhang until today is still hovering in the collective ownership system.

since then, has been “liberated” two entrepreneurs are demonstrating his ambition, we can also call it the “entrepreneurial spirit”, as the captain led their ships sailed, grow up to be a leader in their industry.

today, Mr. Wang has been half a refund, basic no longer tube company’s daily affairs, but to put more energy into la shan public welfare projects, such as Mr Liu is still hale and hearty, legend holdings to 2015 the overall listing. For the two of them and then follow their entrepreneurial old employees, eat braise in soy sauce meat, of course, is no longer a problem, now lenovo’s old employees even to overseas tour together.

and when two people from the past memories back to now again and again about the problem of braise in soy sauce meat, it also caused the entire audience, hearty laugh. Mr. Wang said, now the high consumption, braise in soy sauce meat is a very reasonable consumption, to keep up with the situation. Mr Liu is a proverb, Mr. Wang has started a new life. By LaoJi observation, 18 after big entrepreneurs attitude significantly relaxed many, also more dare to express their views. In conversation, Mr Liu took a long time in the memories of the cultural revolution the absurd things. Said to himself and lenovo the key in the first year, he chose to crush the gang of four in 1976. “Rescue in China,” he said, “I think we should put the cultural revolution show later, it took so much tuition, has done something so sad, why can’t say that, I was not particularly understand.”

at the end of the talks, in order to celebrate liu’s 70th birthday, we launched a cake, it reads “making dream catcher”. LaoJi feeling, the first generation entrepreneurs are the “letter” word is very heavy. When lenovo bought IBM PC met after the crisis, Mr Liu and recycled after chairman only caught a big thing, is the enterprise culture, and established lenovo group the first point of enterprise culture as a “no sooner said than done”. It was also because of different understanding of the “letter”, he gave up the selected, head of the direct investment business. Wang shi, adhere to the “no bribing” vanke was established from the beginning, so that in many cities bidding vanke has always can’t get the best location.

now, we are tired of eating braise in soy sauce meat, listen to the older generation of entrepreneurs to recall them when miss of braise in soy sauce meat, today to braise in soy sauce meat, really don’t have a taste in the heart.