Brazil factory by bandits robbed, worth $36 million, samsung product was robbed

according to the samsung a key processing factory is located in Sao Paulo, has been ransacked by a group of armed robbers. Three hours, more than $36 million worth of samsung robbed laptops, mobile phones and other products.

, witnesses said about 20 men during the midnight shift, disguised as a samsung factory workers in the factory. These criminals holding a light machine gun and took some employees as hostages. Interestingly, most of the rest of the workers are required to go on working, they just want to put himself in the mobile phone batteries to dig down, to prevent somebody to the police.

these bandits robbed process lasted for three hours, a large number of samsung products are movement into 7 trucks.

at present, this case has been handed over to the police. Samsung officials issued a statement saying: “we are very worried about the people. Fortunately, there were no casualties. In the future, we will strengthen the security measures, samsung factory to avoid such incidents from happening again.”

the irony is, last week the media widely reported that samsung electronics dozens of Chinese suppliers last year in violation of the provisions of a number of Labour laws, including refused to pay overwork salary and are reluctant to provide employees with the appropriate safety equipment.