Broadcom will sell baseband chip business, but the buyer is hard to find

, broadcom is now need to find a buyer for its cellular baseband chip manufacturing business. Broadcom’s explanation for this is that, a move that could help them to save as much as $700 million a year. By this good news, yesterday broadcom shares had jumped 13%.

for the news, the industry and analysts expressed his approval. FBR Capital Markets analyst pointed out: “broadcom sell baseband chip business was wise, the latter has obvious is a non-profit sector.” Ascendiant Capital Markets analyst, said: “better late than never. It’s a good news for broadcom.”

although broadcom set the wi-fi and bluetooth chips, once become the choice of the high-end mobile devices such as the iPhone, but with qualcomm on high-end, mediatek in low – and the strength of the incoming, broadcom baseband chip business is difficult to answer.

some analysts believe that broadcom want to find a buyer for baseband chip is not easy. Because broadcom in the field behind the qualcomm, mediatek, and both don’t have to buy such a heavy “baggage”. The worst is like TI, after go unattended, cut baseband business directly.