Bunkers 2.0, will be exactly moral integrity grinder

as a media, shouldn’t the entertainment headlines. But can’t find good adjectives. To describe the bunker, a serious style must be give up.

I first to a risky topic, quickly gone, bunker can replace?

a long time, the uncle samw from reading the information on the growing tall to a delicious into a knife on the ground without the moral integrity of products. The reader can understand in the journey wasn’t seen here hunting cloud network previously reported.

how important ground, standing on high media always eye is too high. The public’s demand for entertainment is greater than the business. Often do not eat fireworks to defeat to ground soil. The previous version of the bunker is seen as a delicate girl, pulling the tail of science and technology information cannot bear to lose. For the 2.0 version of the bunker, now a thoroughly from the palace. To run all the way in the absence of moral integrity of the road, carrying a prick silk corruption female, let honor roll it back to the circle of friends.

the new bunkers, one change of surface, the original outbreak style icon is replaced by a more connotation depth gentle wind, before critical points, urine, lu channel is set into the home page. In order to respect the different corrosion curtilage culture the user’s tastes, bunkers channel made a circle, this also cater to the new bunkers for their own positioning: corruption’s interest in the community.

circles with five big circle permutation classification according to the different properties, have house, corruption, addiction, desire, joy. Users can also go to create their own circle, you can use it as a circle of baidu post bar. A group of like-minded people in circles play no moral integrity, form their own interest and corruption housing culture.

at the same time in the new fort, the square channel has interesting things. Lu a lu, user can shake, called beauty, and can score). Lu, (calculate luck, more entertainment properties) fun (anonymous tree hole) moral integrity recommended application (application is more cooperation at present, the future does not exclude the team generation operation game or product).

the bunker how to understand the product, it is a specific user group of consumer entertainment products. Currently popular entertainment applications, indignities, joke, best not elder sister, outbreak cartoon can really come down to the specificity of consumer entertainment products. But it is precisely these products more attractive to the user, to form a specific culture. Such as embarrassing hundred “king cover ground tiger, cartoons heeling” base base outbreak expression “.

and now, entertainment products in accumulation of a large number of users at the same time trying to flow to liquidate, indignities encyclopedia launched embarrassing westward journey, for example, cartoons heeling launched outbreak martial arts (multimodal transport). In the future, recreational products use games to liquidate should is a good choice for most startups.


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