“Bus” families “knife tower legend” behind the door, and shinn-wen wang Chen Xiaohua love story

cloud network hunting note: you may think this is a gossip, but I think this is a record more young people venture warm story, may meet cannot be asked, and successful effort and luck, this pair of young man is a success. After he read, hope to other young people some enlightenment.

“in July 2012 I graduated from fudan university graduate work immediately went to the tencent company, today have two years time, the job is my first job, and I did so far only a job. Not long ago the company informed me fired… “I believe you have seen this article, this article from Yu Jinling exotic Chen Xiaohua blog.

Chen Xiaohua has a rather special identity, she is not only its mobile game project team game design, or a recent hearing mobile game “knife tower legend” r&d ShangLiLi shinn-wen wang, CEO of his girlfriend. So this article, by his blog derived a research and development of the legendary knife tower break the monopoly of tencent, merchants were belong to tencent expelled “news spread, letter in the personage inside course of study in a circle of friends has attracted a great deal of discussion, some people think that this is the driving forces behind the pr hype, and the lamentation of media now no lower limit, some also for tencent’s clap for cut the Gordian knot.

out of curiosity for things, I clicked on the blog, the girl named Chen Xiaohua a total of 22 pages, the article stir circle game “I fired at the most prominent position. Besides, there are 219 articles, also quietly lying on the girl’s blog, Chen Xiaohua first blog published time is on October 28, 2007, I put the stick to update the blog 7 years girl watch a blog. These articles recorded the girl from the met, fell in love with shinn-wen wang to the dribs and drabs to know each other, maybe we take a look at the girl Chen from this Angle, and will get different answers.

from the start at nanjing university

the beginning of the story, like those bad idol drama bizarre way. Chen Xiaohua, formerly known as Chen Lin, a rainy morning in September 2005, she stood in the school of nanjing university, entered the accompany her through the university four years of Chinese literature. At the same time, on the other side of the same space, now known as the hand game local tyrants enterprise CEO of lilith shinn-wen wang also entered the nanjing university software college. When he was just a young head, estimated at that time he now own a works could cause sensation in the game.

in Chen Xiaohua memories in my four years of ntu, she wrote: “I was obsessed with a exemptions and choose nanjing university, in September 2005, on a rainy morning exemptions in nanjing university school welcome me, the result of the later don’t want to, I would like to push also listened to this request the best in the world.” But this so-called exemptions are not shinn-wen wang, but in high school second grade Chen Xiaohua had offered her a high review data of a senior. (mr.wong! That can’t endure!)

ok this is the opening of a small episode, the end of the exemptions to exemptions Chen Xiaohua and her high school in a hurry to go abroad to see, in Chen Xiaohua sad have to eat eggplant healing in barbecue, a familiar face will always appear in opposite her, the man is shinn-wen wang.

sketched the CEO time

bruised by senior abroad Chen Xiaohua, during the second and roll into strength opens the students with excellent performance mode, the stalemate in the big three to crew members aboard Wang Xin learn invited Chen Xiaohua to be his girlfriend for inception, thus opening a new page in the the Chen Xiaohua and shinn-wen wang life.

and after many years, Chen Xiaohua when talks about is how to realize shinn-wen wang, will the corners.

it is a wonderful work of the night, the famous philosopher, Mr Du in nanjing university not far away from the jade fai building 2109 big classroom lectures. Chen Xiaohua very don’t want to hear that about diamond points and what kind of grades of course, a hot heart already flew to Mr Du’s desk. But teach elective courses of the professor is very insidious, each class must be asked before check-in. In hesitated along while, just a minute before class, at that time, dazed and confused Chen Xiaohua standing in the last row of the classroom this culminated, loudly shouted: “everyone don’t have a class, have to go to the lecture with me!”

it was a great amphitheatre of two hundred people, time is silent, everyone looked back at her, and then quietly turned back and was embarrassed, under pressure of shandong university, she had to a man flew through the back door and went out. This time, a boy to come out.

this man! Is shinn-wen wang.

unlike the shy otaku, as engineering male shinn-wen wang was a practical world rare talent, independence, crude and refined. In the girl’s blog, Chen a record of such a to amaze paragraphs:

messages: why are you so lazy?

floret: I don’t know. In fact I at ordinary times in the school is very diligent, but got home feel soft.

messages: oh.

floret: you also like this?

message: I’m not, just as I got home I was stiff.

“bullying President for flower field under the moon” talent is not limited to, shinn-wen wang occasionally in gift giving way to please Chen Xiaohua, thering is no lack of access to the heart.

“my lover shinn-wen wang use and Mr Obama is using the same phone, using a blackberry for popular science education and said to me is the United States is now the most popular fashion in the success of floret of the mobile phone is a aqaba wood in xinjiang minority compatriots after stealing. This morning I got shinn-wen wang bought me this mobile phone the most fashion, and at Christmas new wish, hope their own girlfriend become cool and not easy to be stolen phones.”

from graduation to entrepreneurship

senior Chen Xiaohua and shinn-wen wang be traded to the same school in Taiwan to do exchange students, have a good semester only envy is not envyimmortal. But the good times always so short, is a barrier to the university graduation, simply say graduation is equivalent to break up. But Chen Xiaohua and shinn-wen wang became one of the few couples break this curse, although brought pressure to their graduation, but they still struggled to hold down this section of love. After graduating from the shinn-wen wang lived in Shanghai partition room experience. And Chen Xiaohua for and shinn-wen wang after graduation can in a city, risking may lose to enter oneself for an examination the graduate student of fudan university in Shanghai.

on June 20, 2009 shinn-wen wang and Chen Xiaohua graduation

“because I’m facing the entrance, and he is faced with choosing a career. In this bad time, the two things are really not easy. Wang is particularly easy, with a timid girl friend all the way to support. The final outcome is I have a chance to go to graduate school of fudan university, and he can go to the country’s biggest Internet company, and the most vulgar job.” Chen Xiaohua wrote in describing the experience. And this is called the tacky network company, is the tencent.

admitted to graduate after Chen Xiaohua also launched her new life in Shanghai, in the second year when met noble – Wang Ruxin, miss her romantic feelings and moral integrity has great infection on the Chen Xiaohua realism, during this period Chen Xiaohua spectacular writing career, interviewed politicians, scientists, writers, lawyers, photographer, real estate developers, farmers, “society”, fashion designer, model, director, actor, singer, agent, the host, the monk, entrepreneurs, hotel front desk, the teacher, colour makeup division, male, IT even has a strange “corrugated paper designer”.

shinn-wen wang personally as elaborate Chen Xiaohua card

but in the research, the difficulty of choosing the heads of Chen Xiaohua 3, starts in September, she began to rush about displacement struggling to apply for to look for a job, a few failed the interview down think that no matter how to bear the foiled, determined to self-employed small rong together with friends for a milk tea shop to do milk tea’s beauty. But believe it shinn-wen wang asserted that “like me so good people can get offer in October”. Then until October 30, haven’t been able to get offe Chen Xiaohua near despair! But at the last minute, at five o ‘clock in the afternoon on October 30 more minutes finally received a phone call to get the first job of life. The shinn-wen wang (turn, said: “I just said, you can certainly get the offer in October.” Everybody can see, this is perhaps the tencent lurching 3 years shinn-wen wang was made. But maybe shinn-wen wang didn’t know it, your original contributed to now Chen Xiaohua departure sow the seeds.

just Chen Xiaohua tencent shortly after. In March 2013, shinn-wen wang start a business, and come out from “the tacky network company”, lilith is set up. A year later, and shinn-wen wang from a teenager entered society, become a can pull to acquire the VCS and entrepreneurs. nullnullnullnull