C bus 】 【 childe other things not clear, the milk of human kindness is really weak

the tertiary haven’t bring gossip for a long time, just C childe event, eight uncle to catch up on gossip. Here from eight tertiary and executive friends communication, under the said C childe and some executives.

words C childe at startup, or a very humble very human interest, because it is very simple, C childe of many business problems need to be friends. Just start a business, C childe please executives for the platform, brush a face. C childe met for the first time fake goods, totally have no idea, very anxious and helpless, then turn to the executives. Then C childe company implementation strategy is the executive. Is through a lot of similar things, C childe and the executive a friend relationship, often have dinner together. But then, childe more do more cow force, C C childe began to “from” friends, often is the executive send a SMS, between friends C childe don’t back to back. Alas, kick down the ladder…

however, on the other hand, C childe is pretty hard to work, or very good management team, although is a listed company, some of the average wage is only three thousand pieces of a large number of female employees are willing to try very hard to work overtime on Saturday. Grabbing the offices in Beijing, is also often can see C childe of porsche, shows that the attitude toward work or leverage drops.