Can not only raise the raise pattern play value-added services

(word/qing nan)

the raise net the seventh flame, director of operations when a beautiful woman, came to power on intelligent headset called VOW, I suddenly know, the original is orca digital music founder Chen to start-ups, and plans to raise 50000 yuan in the raise network platform.


open data, Chen claimed at the beginning of new star company poly technology got tens of millions of yuan investment. Will be in accordance with the truth, for such a large sum of money, is not short of the $50000 dollars. Investigate its the time to participate the raise goal, the only one, the early market needs, and verify user feedback.

of course, on the raised platform, such as star cluster technology come in and do all the existing investment raise activity of the company for only a few, more is that creative or product Demo has just come out soon, be badly in need of one of the first start-up companies operating funds. For them, the raised platform mainly financing channels, and this is the most in the industry to raise the understanding of the concept of all. But now, the platform can also raise up more tricks.

at the university of hosting the raise to provide professional counseling, one hundred million yuan after support fund and its open platform, the raise network began to launch a service sales support and internationalization, through its service to achieve increment, thus realize the commercialization.

unlike foreign Kickstarter commissions financing pattern, the raise network in domestic at present fully adopted the free way. One is domestic whole innovation ability is insufficient, difficult to have a good project. 2 it is domestic trust environment remains to be improved, the raise hopes to use free mode to foster the market, take market share. This means that the network is basically on my own at present, raise and the lack of revenue sources. After operating for more than a year, the network also need to explore gradually raise business model.

The Times, the raise network services on the start-up of follow-up service. According to the raise Wang Huihui network technology partners, will provide the company with product marketing and international services.

products to how to sell out after is vital step start-up company development. For a small team, the lack of media exposure, the lack of marketing, the lack of a fan, if you want to do a good job in sales is difficult. In addition, for some high quality project, is not only the domestic users, and the urgent need of going global, for example in the raised platform such as Kickstarter funding, and obtain the user, but two communication, customs tax, international customer service, etc. There are serious obstacle.

today, these can be addressed by the raise network service. According to official introduction, part of the project company plans next month invited to participate in product sales, international private, comprehensive public beta in August and September officially launched.

at present, the raise network connect online B2C, gift custom, such as agents and overseas channels, such as more than 300, that is to say, the network is on the basis of entrepreneurial teams will raise to choose the right channel sales. On the concrete cooperation way, start-ups can choose channel depth of authorization, and bound two ways, the raise network into collecting fees or transactions.

in international planning, layout, the net actually raise early in January and set up offices in San Francisco, open expansion of our business in the United States. According to the company, the domestic project launch, the introduction of overseas project. To provide startup the raising agent, project packaging, suppliers, for collection and social marketing and other services.

by two steps, you can see that the business model evolution pattern, raise to sum up, a quote from Wang Huihui “in the traditional sense of the narrow sense all the chips are not suitable for China, China the chips will be a new model of resource integration.”