Canon photo cloud storage services, to create the Dropbox SLR industry

although cloud storage service already beginning, but not so cold in Internet technology of photographic equipment manufacturer, they seem to be haven’t smell this huge market potential. When has a strong ability at the time of smartphones, if has been acting the professional SLR camera industry does not make the necessary changes, then is likely to be reduced in the future to the same position and print media (so-called elite, minorities).

a have to admit the fact that SLR camera still have what the company 1020 does not have a variety of professional sexual function. If smartphones allow users to save the process of editing effect after operation, to provide more, then the development trend of the SLR camera is presented instead: efforts in the process of filming for the user to provide more shooting mode, but after editing and storage.

as a photographic amateur, one of my personal feeling is that after using camera, can quickly for storage, without having to worry about the storage space of the camera. Photos of cloud storage, unfortunately, this should be the camera manufacturers focus on the development of business, is being replaced by emerging Internet companies. Dropbox or Google Photos, they all provides users with a powerful photo storage function.

, unilateral Canon camera industry star manufacturers, has officially released its photo – Irista cloud storage service.

, free for the user the highest offer 10 gb of cloud storage space;

, support a variety of formats, including RAW photo upload;

, you can add a variety of tags for photo, in order to classify search;

, who can easily share to Facebook, Flickr and other social networking applications.

from the space provided, Canon Irista is not generous. But the function still has some defects, need to make up for in the future. One of them, should be integrated photo editing functions. Actually makers such as nikon has developed its own photo editing services, but not on the function and PS. If this “just need to be integrated into their own” cloud storage service, can form a synergistic effect to some extent.

at present, Irista hasn’t been officially launched in the global market. We are looking forward to the Canon SLR camera makers for photography enthusiasts, bring more and more advanced experience.