CAPCOM President: do mobile game? It’s not that simple

on sale in September last year, sales of monster hunter 4 is over 4 million, the day before the game the concerns of the new system, but on the other hand, the mobile end markets are struggling, as President of 辻 how this spring of macro CAPCOM’s achievements in the past year, for he is how to determine the future market? Today it is to bring us CAPCOM President 辻 spring macro interview.

interview this spring 辻 macros, mobile game and host game has have greatly different from the creative thinking, for CAPCOM has always been committed to the host game, how to change ideas, to adapt to the new environment is the most main topic, and CAPCOM games will be in the future on the successful experience of take to swim in.

here is a small make up the contents of the interview.

monster hunter 4 delay release but still exceed 4 million sales, Xbox on ONE “zombie siege 3” also harvested the good grades, 1 million sales from these aspects to consider, if we can think of for CAPCOM, 2013 is a year to force?

I say first monster hunter 4, from the title, this is the monster hunter series of orthodox sequel, and change on the 3 ds launch platform, game content, the game also has many changes, we are also worried whether the player can accept these changes. But now the game has sold 4 million units, the current sales situation is also very good. From our players response from the official theme of the activities, the monster hunter 4 “has been accepted by the player, that we are very pleased. And, in July 2013 started selling the ace attorney 5, released earlier in the year of the warring states period BASARA4 sales are also very optimistic.

monster hunter 4 & amp; “Turn the referee”

mentioned in 2013, it must have a good talk about “the monster hunter 4”. Now smartphone to accelerate the popularization, consoles and handheld market are influenced by different degrees, in such an environment the monster hunter 4 also can such an astonishing achievements, what do you think of the reason is?

the monster hunter series entering its 10th year, can say is a very popular game, and we need to pay attention to is to avoid the game form, content of curing. So this time we introduced a bold new game system, in addition to increasing the types of weapons and monsters, the design of the scene is more height difference this new elements into consideration. And the most acclaimed, is for the support network online online multiplayer mode.

and, in conjunction with the 3 ds this new hardware platform, we have to increase the download version of the game, it also makes us in the production of software from a lot of trouble. Before is limited by region, production capacity in the player can’t play the game the first time the situation are improved significantly, at this point, the download version of “the sales model plays an important role. Moreover, the number 4 million, actually have been higher than we previously thought.

sale has been the past half year, now monster hunter 4 sales situation how?

on January 27, 2014, we issued a “monster hunter 4 g” will go on sale this fall’s information, it also gives the monster hunter 4 sales in a positive impact. “Monster hunter 4” has sold 4 million sets, after winter holiday sales will inevitably have a certain degree of decline, but the 4 g can inherit 4 archive, we think this will drive the sales of part 4. Data from the past, G before sale will have a lot of new users to buy), so we can judge, the monster hunter 4 sales of flushing will upgrade again. And on May 11, 2014, we held in universal studios “monster hunter reality 2014” have also made very good publicity effect. This not only expanded the “monster hunter” awareness in the society, also promoted the value of the brand. In addition to some of the other monster hunter offline activities also contributing to a lot of marketing.

domestic CAPCOM did well on the market, the overseas market?

the overseas market, although the lost planet 3 “and” Remember Me “is still in the stage of bitter now, and the Xbox ONE game” zombie siege 3 “has made 1 million sets of scores, began to power. The development of new game is important, but for the overseas market, how to hold the inherent series of popularity, and further open the market to improve user satisfaction is more important. Carries on the summary and reflection from the past works, and put these experiences into a new development, I believe that the overseas market still can be a degree of success.

“zombie siege 3” is made by overseas studio, right?

yes, it’s made of studio in vancouver, Canada. “Lost planet 3” is also produced abroad, but we have outsourced production to outside companies. At this point it is necessary for us to reflect on, about this game outsourcing things we may have to consider again.

why is this?

because now the game software’s business model has not only confined to do software and selling software. A game after sell, all sorts of subsequent value-added service is also important link, this company must set up teams and departments to run, in this respect make outsourcing will has certain drawbacks. Of course, and we always have a good development company, we will continue to cooperate with them, and in terms of development efficiency, we will also outsource part of the production work to an outside firm. However, the core part of the game we have to make your own strictly controlled, such ability in the subsequent operation and maintenance are more flexible and effective.

home this is quite good, the development of the host that for smartphones, CAPCOM’s performance in 2013?

frankly tour this hand we still do it quite difficult. This from the App Store and Google Play list CAPCOM can see the work performance. In 2013 we spend a lot of IP in hand tour, including music game “CROSS x BEATS”, many new games, but judging from the results, there is a considerable distance from success.

“monster hunter border”

for this situation, CAPCOM countermeasures?

we are currently in the integration of the mobile game and online game the two teams, because the online team have the monster hunter border “ghost practitioners Soul these successful case, the Shared experience and mobile game team, for the future of the game development services. And the monster hunter border to pay in the month, props pay pay, gift bag, and many other elements, there are many successful operating experience, these will also help us improve income hand tour products.

from popular social games to further penetration of smartphones, now more and more big game makers began his hand swim out on the market right now. Do you think that as long as its well-known IP shine, basic can succeed?

CAPCOM do console games and social games such as hand swim more on the nature of the method of making the difference is that the game. We do the host of the game are ending, and a story must be finished within a game. “Resident evil” reverse the referee “, “sengoku BASARA” these games are a complete set of the handing down and eventually bring the player to focus on. Although there will be 2 weeks plot to change the setting to induce the player to play again, but in essence, the game is in a limited amount of time to end.

but in social games, almost all the games are not “the end”. So, on the other hand, to make the game a “ending” is a core of game development. From this point to, from the development game we is not the same as the original idea. How to attract more users to their work, and then integrated cost paid to design point, such a business model is the focus of social games or mobile game.

we want to change original creation idea of the game, to consider how to let the player more long time to play a game. I think, this online business model is very has the reference value. “Monster hunter border” series was born also have seven years, we will use this part of the experience in the future to swim.

that is to say, for IP in hand, the game companies, mobile game is not a fixed brain development work is?

this App Store the ranking of the most telling case, the traditional single game companies develop mobile game success is not a lot. And high profitability of mobile game, also determines the cause enormous impact on the company’s performance of. Want me to say, mobile game is not so simple. But I think we don’t need to worry. In social games and native hand swim this together, feet on the ground a little bit improve earnings is gradually accumulated in the right direction. In the long term, in a steady work produced the risk and the possibility of hot work will be improved. And from the point of game business globally, tour market is also a hand is worth further developing, operating area of strength.

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