Capital China today: three big choices in life

hunting cloud network (note: this article for today’s capital, the founder of China recently in nanjing university 2014 graduation ceremony of the speech. As a successful investor, xuxin think life is made up of a series of major choice, we decided to choose our life! Xuxin telling his own story, is worth reading.

this is China’s speech:

I am a ordinary girl ntu, I had the privilege to stand here today, share with you my story, because in my life road, the choice of a few key. Our life is made up of a series of major choice, we decided to choose our life!

remember my choice is the first major, junior high school graduation, at that time I was in school administrative office in a factory, we the university entrance exam a year graduation rates are zero, then graduated from junior high school is one of three options: one is to read technical school, one is to take an examination of technical secondary school, and to test the key high school. 50 people we had a class, I would be about 25, is unlikely to enter a key high school. As I grew up with three little sisters all sign up to read technical school, my mother also said, “why don’t you go to a technical school? A month has 16 block 5 w distribution of salary package! “At that time I also don’t know what all that is wrong, I just do I want to take an examination of the key high school. Was my father’s support me, to find a tutor separate make up a missed lesson for me, it soon began to fill up, make up a missed lesson of the neighbors didn’t I learn together with me, I will taste more energised, improvement soon, was admitted to a key high school, nankai middle school. When three little sisters growing up together with me, actually all is very clever very capable, but they have chosen to read technical school, later when the workers, not to get into college, watershed are graduated from junior high school the choice in life.

my second major choice is at the bank of China, graduated from nanjing university, I was assigned to the bank of China, to do the counter clerk, do is very simple “registration, copy, stamp” trilogy. But I was not discouraged, special work seriously every day, so can give prize, I give prize, bank knowledge grand prix with a first, when a worker, as a league branch secretary, do it for three years, I feel honor already have, but I didn’t in progress, for this kind of condition is not satisfied, when I go to work by bike every day through the right door overpass, the bridge for a long time, I was in my heart secretly swear, before the bridge repair, must have a change to my life. May be because this kind of ambition and outstanding performance, the chance to come to me as if: the Chinese government and the British government to help cultivate the certified public accountant in China, bank of China to a quota for me, to take part in the entrance examination, I am learning English, but want to learn accounting master, doctor examination together, at that time I didn’t understand accounting and I will give a whole book to back down, I remember before suddenly felt the brain blank, rote learning things I forgot, frighten me cry. I don’t understand accounting but understand English, those who understand accounting did not understand English, but the examination papers of English, the results I got at the top, fog was directly sent to Hong Kong, certified public accountants training for three years, to go to the UK registered accountant, this is my life one very big turn. I’m thinking, if it weren’t for I have the desire to do better, campaign league branch secretary, and to be worker, have a try to study, the bank of China will give me the opportunity?

in 1992, I had a chance to go to Hong Kong, to work, just to Hong Kong, would not speak cantonese speak) (well, don’t know, also don’t know much about accounting, no one has ordered all my clock to me on the project. What happened at that time every hour we have to fill in the schedule, every day looking at my schedule of blank, feel helpless is also very useless. I often sit in the big house, transparent glass, other colleagues are be points one by one hour to walk, then I stay there, no one o ‘clock, the in the mind particularly large pressure. Later, I be nasty, find the Japanese project manager, I said to him: “I don’t speak cantonese, your Japanese clients also don’t speak cantonese, we speak English bai”, so that I can slowly have project to do, since then I have to fill a full schedule. Three years, working in PWC is one of my most progress for three years, I learned not only to work hard, that is to try very hard to of, the boss to work didn’t finish you can’t sleep. That three years in my spare time, try very hard to review test, three years to take an examination of 18 classes, via the CPA exam, finally catch up with the colleagues in Hong Kong.

my major choice is the third time, and from the capital investment chinahr to create today. In 2009, I threw the chinahr, when the chairman of the board of directors, originally is my husband and I are both bankers, life is very natural and unrestrained, playing golf, watching movies, weekend vacation in Europe 2 times a year, but since the venture, the two of us work in every weekend, the two often a silent, he is worried about his company, I’m worried about my company, is the money could not quickly burnt hair wages, hung a sword like head, will fall down at any time, in the mind is very stressful. When you want to take home savings up to several hundred employees salary, the in the mind is a bit of a panic. Entrepreneurs to the biggest pressure is, all the questions to you which should have the answer, in fact, sometimes you don’t know where is the answer. Can you also crustily skin of head to employees say bread will have, the milk will be some, everything will be all there is. So I always think of entrepreneurs is the bravest man in the world, also is the man I respect most, because failure is inevitable. Success is accidental. They must be a man of vision (vision), they can see what others can’t see, they must be a heart strong people, because they can withstand the others under the pressure. They are a group of people who have a dream, not the name of not for profit, in order to have a passion to win (a desire for success) a sense of achievement, they are the people to change the world! My job is dealing with such entrepreneurs every day, so I am very happy, through the steps to go to work every day, every day learn in progress, I found my passion, that is investment!

from my experiences growing up, I want to share three ideas:

first, you should have the Passion To Win

you have passion, if you want to win. Do you want to find a job you like, you love. Person’s life is very long, work time is very long, if you get up every morning, don’t want to go to work, then you must not happy, then you should go to look for a job can let you like. Some classmates said that I don’t know what I like the job, then you should keep &, continue to look for, you can come from a large number of reading, especially biographies. Make a wise man, and have experience of people, often chat with them; You can also be bold to try something different, see if you like. In short, as long as you study every day, every day in progress, believe that one day the quantitative change to qualitative change, you are understanding a bright, find the feeling, that is the work you love.

second, you need to focus, you need to focus, to accumulate ten thousand hours

IQ difference is not big, superhuman wisdom and achievements from the focus. Every successful person is in his industry focus for many years, has accumulated ten thousand hours. What concept ten thousand hours? That is, insist to do one thing every day, 4 hours a day, five days a week, hold for 10 years is ten thousand hours. I probably work 14 hours a day, for 20 years, has accumulated thirty thousand hours. If I invest some small achievements, that is because I have accumulated thirty thousand hours, I think I can do to 80 years old, still can come again for thirty thousand hours! Bill Gates and warren buffett are good friends, once Bill Gates’s father lets them use a key word to describe the main reason of their success and open their piece of paper, which is the same word: Focus – that is Focus!

third, you’d better find the model of life – rolemodel

my role model is warren buffett, the books I read buffett and his letter to shareholders, like reading the bible, is must see every day. Read his books, like chatting with friends, great minds think alike. Buffett read five hours a day, 2 hours talking with a wise man, the 84 – year – old Mr Buffett at work every day, he and his investment of entrepreneurs to become lifelong friends, he enjoys his work, every day happy, this is the life I want. The power of example is huge, he let you see the road ahead, let you no longer afraid of loneliness, let you know, make you progress every day.

remember reading in ntu, a cool black female teacher, she is the teacher who teaches us black literature, her name is Donald. She came into our classroom is on the first day, he wrote a few words on the blackboard, that is I’ve never heard of, and the biggest shock to me. Today, I also want to give You she said: “You are unique. You are a marvel. In the past five hundred years, there has had no person like You. And in the next five hundred years, therewill be no person like you “- you are unique, you are the miracle of life, in the past 500 years, no one like you, in the next 500 years, no one like you!