“Capital” the magician Chen, tens of millions of dollars Fundrise cast abroad the raise real estate website

according to, the real estate in Washington, the raise sites startup Fundrise, recently completed a round of up to $31 million in financing. It is worth noting that the company led the financing is renren. Chen said in an interview, chose investment Fundrise, because both have the same “community”.

Fundrise combine real estate development and the raise. The main purpose is to let ordinary people can join in the real estate development industry. Even if only a few hundred dollars investment, you also can become a piece of real estate development of investors. It is understood that each investor can get an average of 12% – 12% of the profit in return.

founded the company is a pair of brothers. Fundrise, they say, the final purpose is to break the original a few pockets of investment company, the situation of monopoly of real estate development. Everyone can participate in their support of the real estate development process, which can effectively alleviate the property buyers and developers of previous unequal imbalance, status information.

we feel some surprise, Fundrise this model has won the acceptance of many traditional real estate developers. In addition to renren took over most of the $31 million Fund, Silverstein Properties, Ackman – long Real Estate Group, Collaborative, etc are also the company’s investors in this round of financing.

the raise real estate recently got the love of many investors. Realty, Mogul, RealCrowd, Groundfloor equivalent types of web sites for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars of financing. As the world’s well-known real estate investment bank, Carlton group set up the site, raise to raise real estate development project, from all over the world all the provided $1 billion in funding.

so far, brought together 10 million independent Fundrise website totaling $15 million of investment of investors.

renren chairman Chen said in an interview, the company’s operations in the comprehensive assessment of Fundrise situation and development prospects, on the investment. “Renren and Fundrise between a common – ‘community culture”.