Cat: Android update log leak HTC will yield a Nexus device

a small version update, Google began to Nexus push from Android 4.4.2 updates to the Android 4.4.3. At the same time, update and AOSP Android open source project. Minor update lackluster, but!

Android 4.4.3 (KitKat MR2) for changelist update document 239 doers of the word line 245:

HTC flounder is never disclosed the engineering machine.

Flounder means the Flounder, Google Nexus equipment useful fish name for traditional internal code. LG contract Nexus 5 is called Hanmmerhead, LG contract with 4 code Mako Nexus. Asustek’s 2013 contract Nexus 7 code Razor. HTC halibut is clearly a new Nexus equipment engineering machine.

the only confusingly, what HTC and Google have produced a Nexus device?

the next Nexus phone? But the Nexus 5 listed only half a year, has not yet to update cycle.

cycle longer equipment is a Nexus 7 and the Nexus of 10. Samsung contract Nexus 10 12 at the end of the year after the release has been a year and a half didn’t update, almost has become a song. Nexus 7 does to the update, but by two generations of “loyalty” partners, to Taiwan’s asustek OEM manufacturers. No manufacturing and HTC Android tablet experience.

HTC tablet was back in 2011 recent Android 3 x times, 7 inches equipment failure HTC Flyer and 10 inch HTC Jetstrean, all carry a flash in the pan for tablet Android 3.2 system.

Google Nexus is the first paragraph by HTC foundry, cooperation of both sides the Nexus One has opened the prologue of native Android devices. Now struggle HTC need everything we can to help, at this time of Google help pull brother also understandable.

in addition to the mysterious HTC Flounder, update log also revealed another Google set-top box equipment, codenamed Molly. The device should carry the Android TV, may adopt the prototypes from nvidia chips.

these devices could come as early as next month at Google I/O meet with the public, let’s patience to wait for more than 40 days.