Speaking of linux

I am one of those who has decided not to continue with Windows Vista, for my XP it is great, simple and effective but it will not be like this forever, so I have decided to take the final step to linux.

At the moment at home I have installed both operating systems on all computers, except the server, where I only have linux and for now will continue so while XP has support ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I take my first step towards Linux … I must admit that I have stumbled and fallen. xD

I had installed kernel version 2.6.9, (it had been a long time since my ubuntu) after a tour of kernel.org I saw that there was a lot of news, but to avoid problems due to my “little” experience in linux I decided to install a new one image from the official repositories, well, I have been unable to run any new kernel, if I do not start from 2.6.9 I am stopped in “booting kernel”.

I have looked on the internet and it may be because of the graphics card (ATI) or because the hard drive is SATA and maybe the new kernels do not support it. Although I have tried to remedy these failures I have not been able to ๐Ÿ™ So for the moment I’m left with my kernel, until I see one that suits me or someone can help me with the problem.

After entering, I realized that I can not use the pendrive (before if I could) or the SD card reader (will I have touched something in the file system?) For the moment that does not bother me much, if there is no other I will format a drive to make it work.

The sound card does not recognize me either, so I can not hear anything xDD (this I’ve never seen)

Finally, yesterday I mounted on the server, the FTP server vsftpd, I was passing files from other computers to this and everything went great, even could be accessed perfectly from outside the local network (Eva probo :-P). I also decided to install the web server ๐Ÿ™‚ and everything worked great.

But when today I went to use the ftp server to transfer some practices from the laptop to the fixed (since the pen drive did not work :-P) I have not been able to access it, xD and not even from outside the network appear as active services (web and ftp).

I have not had much time to look because, and we already know that with linux as you do not have patience and time .. hehe

The same when I have a little hole … I’ll count.

Hardware specifications in linux

You in cesarius an excellent way to obtain the technical specifications of your hardware, using the command “lshw”.
If you want specific hardware details you could use -C like this:

lshw -C disk

And you will get the list and detail of all your hard drives.

And if you would like to create an html page with all the details of your hardware to have it as a reference you could type:

lshw -html> file_name.html

This is for people like me who need to configure technical aspects of their system and need to know what exact components they have installed, they will come in handy.

Things I did not know about php

Interesting list of things that you probably did not know about php (I did not even know half) taken from this website and this one.

ip2long () and long2ip ()

These two functions ip2long () and long2ip () serve to store the IP addresses as integers rather than as strings in the database, this will reduce the storage resources obtained from the 15 bytes of a chasr (15) to the 4 bytes of an integer

Validation of email addresses

The partial validation of IP addresses is easy thanks to the checkdnsrr () function.
This function assures us that the domain returned exists, for example very useful in case of how it is:

‘User@gmail.com’ Valid
‘User@wwwgmail.com’ Not Valid

How not to do unnecessary work

If you do not want to be working on a certain function for a while, then realize that you have reinvented the wheel … check PEAR before writing the following lines of code.

PEAR – A framework and system of distribution of utilities Php. PEAR offers us php complements grouped in “Packages”.

Format your code

A function that formats a last string, specially designed for source code, highlight_file ().

Very useful in case we want to share questions about our code with a friend either by messenger, IRC or any similar service.

Do not show the errors

Avoid displaying message errors with the error_reporting (0) function. Useful in case of having shared hosting you must include it in the first line of each of your scripts, this will prevent information about PHP connections and MySQL users from being displayed.


PHP uses a mix between interpretation and compilation to try to offer programmers the best between performance and flexibility.

PHP compiles a series of instructions (called opcodes) for your code whenever they are accessed. These instructions are then executed one by one until the script ends. This is different from the conventional way of compiling languages โ€‹โ€‹such as C ++ where the code is compiled into executable code that is then executed. Php is recompiled every time a script is requested.

The tag?> Is optional

Each one of the php files that you have programmed probably have this format:

But did you know that the label?> Is optional? Delete it and everything will continue to work, I’m not sure it works with all versions but it works in PHP 5.1.
There is no good argument to justify its removal from our code, but it is quite curious.

Masks other languages within PHP

Java, Perl, Python and .NET are some examples of languages that you can use within PHP code. Support for other languages can be found in PECL.

Make objects look like arrays

You can use the standard SPL php library to convert objects to an array in the following way:

$object = new MyObject();
$object[‘name’] = โ€˜Hello Worldโ€™;

object = new MyObject();

foreach ($object as $k=>$v) {
echo โ€œ$k = $v\nโ€;

Require is faster than require_once

In versions prior to PHO 5.2 using require instead of require_once you can get a speed increase especially in heavy applications. The reason is that require_once makes an extra call to the system to validate that you have not included this file previously. Require includes a file without any verification.

Handling your mistakes is easy

The summary of errors programmed by PHP certainly is not the best. The famous “headers already sent” or “call to undefined function” that appears in bold and with a line number that may or may not be correct.

But you can program your own error handler.s:

function mis_errores ($numero, $mensaje, $archivo, $linea) {
// Aรฑade el CSS para tu codigo
echo โ€˜

El siguiente error ocurrio en linea โ€˜ . $linea . โ€˜ del archivo โ€˜ . $archivo . โ€˜: โ€˜ . $mensaje . โ€˜
echo โ€˜

Las actuales variables son:

โ€˜ . print_r($GLOBALS, 1) . โ€˜


Then you will use your own default handler and not the PHP handler to PHP in the set_error_handler () function.

Then most of the errors will be handled by your function (but there are some exceptions). With the previous example the errors are printed with html format.

I should even consider the possibility of sending these errors via mail with the mailto function and in this way you will have real time control of your site, or even handle errors in the connection to a database.

try {
if (!@mysql_connect(โ€˜localhostโ€™, โ€˜usernameโ€™, โ€˜passwordโ€™))
throw new Exception (mysql_error());
} catch (Exception $e) {
echo โ€˜Imposible conectar a la base de datos: โ€˜ . $e->getMessage();

I GPS, freeing MY 268


Click here to release a GPS MIO MOOV.

To install TomTom 6 or 7 in a PDA with WINCE 5.0 / 4.2 or in a GPS MIO 268 (+) / 269 (+) go to this forum, I think that everything is more organized and people can make improvements in a more simple as well as to anticipate the doubts.

To install MioMap v3 stay on this page and follow the instructions.

Well, it seems that several friends have already asked me about GPS’s, which ones to buy, which is better, if you have radars … etc etc

The first thing is to understand that there are different things to buy. On the one hand you can buy a radar detector, simply by plugging it into the car you will be notified of places where the DGT has made a radar public, or even places where they have ever been, this device is completely legal, but it does not work tell us roads

On the other hand if you have a PDA or a cell phone enabled for it, you can buy a card (Flash, SD, ..) GPS or a GPS device by infrared or bluetooth and so you take advantage of your “mobile device” to convert it into GPS. You will need to install a cartography program with which you can use GPS, the most used in these cases is the TomTom. (There are free alternatives to the TomTom but leave much to be desired).

In this case you can also install free programs to calculate the kilometers traveled, the average consumption, speed …

The last possibility is to buy a GPS that brings everything in one device, GPS Antenna + Software.

If I had to buy a GPS right now I would see if I want it only for the radars (Warning, much cheaper) or for directions.
In the case that I want it for indications, if apart I want to introduce the radars I would opt for one of the TomTom model (much simpler to add POI’s), but if I want it for quality, I would certainly erect a MIO (Something more complicated to introduce radars, explained below).
Something that would also take into account is that it had SD cards, MMC .. it is always easier to update maps and POIS’s in this way (as long as our computer has a card reader)

And finally I would also notice that it had bluetooth with what we would gain a hands-free for the car ๐Ÿ™‚

The same one prefers to wait for Galileo.

In my case, I have an MIO 268 plus, the kings gave it to me last year ๐Ÿ™‚
The truth is that I am very happy, the software that comes with it, is the MioMap v2.0, although version 3 has already come out, you can see an example of it here.

Obviously to update maps in most GPS you have to pay.

The different programs to manage a GPS antenna (TomTom, MioMap, …) depends on each one, it is best to try them all and choose which one we like the most, for example I love how the MioMap guides me, in addition to clear maps and simple, on the contrary, many people prefer the TomTom (the best known).
What is the problem with my browser? Well when I went to put the radars as POIs (Points of interest) I would not allow it, the only solution they gave me was to download a payment program to put them, and after spending 400 euros I was not going to pay more to get the radars.

Mine 268 is based on Windows CE and what it does when it is turned on is to load a program by default, where it lets you access the browser, settings, contacts .. but it does not allow you to mess anything else out of that, so I decided to get out of that program and to be able to accede to the folders of the navigator to put the radars to “hair”.

This process took me some weeks, I found several pages that indicated how to do something similar but not for the same model as mine and many others but in French (I gave German in school) so I did not know much.

Note: If these steps do not work for you, there is another alternative solution at the end of the article.

I will try to remember how I did it since it was more than a year ago:

  1. The first thing is to download these files
    1. Zip to liberalize
    2. Zip with the original content (just in case)
  2. We put in an SD card (we will call it TARJETALIBRE) the content of the Zip to liberalize.
  3. We take out the MIO card and introduce the new card, TARJETALIBRE, into the gps.
  4. We turn on / configure / select language / select English
    1. If you do not see the English language you can do several things, first, if you have the CD that came with the GPS, put it on your computer, connect your gps via the cable to the computer and install following the menus of the CD English language .
    2. Another alternative would be, in case we had more languages other than Spanish, but none in English, access our MIO card and enter the language folder, there we would choose any other than Spanish and copy their name, for example, let’s say we have two languages, “espanol20Cab” and “frances25Cab”, then we would copy the name frances25Cab.
    3. Now we would go to the content of TARJETALIBRE, we would look for the file that contained in the name something of “english” and we would change the name for “frances25Cab”
      We would introduce TARJETALIBRE in our GPS, we would go to language selection and we would select the one that we would have changed, in this case, French.
  • It will give us an error (it is normal) since we are not loading any language, changing the configuration of beginning and ending the program, so we do not worry and we give it to ok, this will cause the GPS to restart appearing already on the desktop of the Windows CE.
  • Now we run the windows explorer, we go to our SD card, to the Installation folder and we execute the Customio and the Nico85ActiveSync
  • NOTE: to be able to execute, if you do not know how to do it by clicking on the circle button while having the window active, it will be valid.
  • Now we will import the registry, go to MioregEdit (on the desktop) File / Import Registry / My document / CustoMio /mio.reg
  • We restart by inserting the pencil into the reset button on the side (not the back of the GPS)
  • When starting, it will tell us if we want to install the bananaPC program, we will say yes and we will restart again.
  • We install ActiveSync on the computer.
  • We connect the GPS via the cable to the computer
  • We run the windows explorer / windows / USB transfer
  • We downloaded the Gapi program.
  • We run the ActiveSync on the computer, click on explore and look for the .exe that came in the Zip of Gapi, we executed it.
  • Now that we have Gapi installed, we downloaded the MioMap v3 and the maps and put it on the same card directly.
  • We run the GAPI and look for the configuration for “MIO 269 Digiwalker CE 4.2 320 ร— 240”
  • We turn on the GPS and run the windows explorer, go to our SD card and run the miomap.exe

Well after all this I went to the MioMap folder to add my POIs which I could not because it brings everything within the same file, maps and pois (in the tomtom it is different, each one by its side).

So over time I have no choice but to buy the TomTom and install it on my GPS.
Although the GPS was another brand having liberalized (this is like mobile phones) I can do what I want.

Right now I use the MioMap to navigate, since I like its plans and indications, and the tomtom to warn me about the radars. I also use it as MP3 for the car (it has a 1GB SD card and player) and at home ๐Ÿ˜€ and I also install an image viewer.

What I did in the car was to fix it, I created a device to have it fixed in an empty hole in the front, I connected it to the cassette so that I could hear it through the car’s speakers and when I had to charge it I used the cigarette lighter (it would be another connector) for the lighter and leave it fixed, but at the moment I’m not interested).

This way I use it where I want and how I want it, image viewer, MP3 player of 1 GB (for home and for the car), radar warning, GPS navigator … and any program that can be installed in a pocket PC.

New version of MioMap v3.2

The new version is now available, you can get it here, and the maps from here.

To install it you will only have to overwrite the files of the version 3.0 and change the icon of home, it is not the IGO now it is the orange of MioMap v3.2.

PS: This version already includes the radars in the MioMap !!

PD2: If you want the maps of the rest of Europe, you can download them from here, although first you will have to download the MioMapDecode program, extract it in the same folder as the downloaded maps (.fbl format) and run Decodedmaps.bat, with this you will create a folder called Mapsdecoded and that will contain all the maps ready to be inserted in our SD card.

Map Download: Spain
If someone gives you problems from this page (in Italian) they explain in more detail how to decode the maps. (thanks to DavidM)

PD3: Finally we must change the gxold.dll of our SD and take it to the windows folder of our gps, and with the gx.dll of the windows folder take it to our SD card (where was the gxold.dll) run and go! (If we do not do this step it is possible that when running the MioMap 3 we will not see anything and leave the program.

Update of MioMap v3.2 radars

To update our radars we will only need to update our POIupdates.upd file, which is located on the memory card in MioMap / miotc / pois, this file can be downloaded in two ways:

1- From the Todo-Poi page with this direct link (remember, the igo.db is not necessary to write it)

2- Cbolumar radars, download them from here.
– The access password is: cbolumar
– The file to be downloaded will be the CBOLUMAR-Robser_ (date) .rar (download the most recent)
– To obtain radars in the rest of Europe we can download the file SpeedCams.mtc

In both we can see the dates of the last update, so we will download the most recent one, we will be able to consult these pages with periodicity and when changes are seen download the files.

These files are available thanks to the effort made by people like those of Todo-poi, cbolumar and a lot of other people, to all of them many thanks.

Notes taken from forum cars on radar warnings in the MioMap v3

PD1: The radars icons are shown and hidden along with the names of the streets on the map.

PD2: The radar warnings DO NOT WORK in the “Overfly” or “Simulation” mode.

PD3: The radars in the MioMap are NOT managed as if they were POIS as the TT does, they are simply radars, and they are activated where it is put in message No. 1

Installing the TomTom 6 in the MIO 268+

For those who want more, we can install the TomTom 6 in our MIO, for it we will have to download it and insert it in our SD card.

From our GPS we will go to that folder, enter 2577 and execute the ttn.

Once this is done we have already installed the TomTom in our GPS, to make it work, we must make a link to the executable that has been created in My Computer \ Program Files \ Navigator to be able to execute it from the desktop.

The next thing is to create a folder called tomtom inside My Computer / TomTom and inside it we will put all the voices that we have in the folder voices inside the tomtom of our SD card.

Finally we must change the gxold.dll of our SD and take it to the windows folder of our gps, and with the gx.dll of the windows folder take it to our SD card (where was the gxold.dll) run and go!

PS: We’ll need the maps for TomTom but .. it will not work ๐Ÿ˜›

PD2: To install the radars, download them with the TomTom format and put them in the map folder, then you will have to activate them from the GPS as POIS, putting sounds, warning time ..

PD3: To configure GPS, you must select from among all GPS: “TomTom GPS receiver with cable”.

Alternative steps to release the GPS MIO 268+

In case you can not release my GPS through the steps above, here we offer (thanks to QUIQUE) some alternative steps.

  1. Download the customio.zip
  2. Insert the CD that comes with the Mio (ApplicationCD) and copy it to the PC hard drive.
  3. On the PC copy go to Install / Contacts / and change “Contacts.exe” to “ContactsMIO.exe”.
  4. Customio.cab that is in Customio.zipToutauto / 268 /, we copy it in the copy of the PC in Install / Contacts /.
  5. Install the Mio Transfer if you do not have it installed. Let’s put the card in the GPS (1Gb) empty.
  6. Connect the Mio 268 to the PC with the USB cable.
  7. In the copy of the PC you execute “Autorun.exe” press Ok.
  8. Press the “Install” in the middle, install something press Ok.
  9. Unplug the USB cable, the menu will appear press the 3rd option, once pressed enter the “Contacts” page press the contact program and perform a reset for two seconds (with the pointer, just below the headphone output) ( NEVER PUT THE EYELASH OF THE REAR PART OFF, THAT WILL ERASE EVERYTHING AND YOU WILL HAVE TO START AGAIN).
  10. Once restarted, the “BananaPC” program will be installed when finished, press Ok and reset.
  11. We take the SD card from the Mio and put it in the card reader of the PC, inside it we put the program Nico85ActiveSync.cab and we put it in the Mio again, we look for the program that is in Windows / SDcard / and we install it will come out one more icon on the desktop.
  12. Now on Mio’s desktop, open “gsExplorer”, look for the folder “MyDocumentes” and in the “CustoMio” folder there are several files, press twice “RegEdit, exe”, a window will open, click on “File” and click Import . Look inside the same folder where is the RegEdit (MyDocumentes / Customio) the file “mioreg” and import it. Close the RegEdit and do a reset.
  13. Enter Windows again and look for a file called “USBTransfer”. Connect the USB cable and select it. On the PC a window opens, click on the
  14. explorer and we look for the GAPI program, we execute it. In the Mio’s desktop the GAPI icon is opened, in Device set we look for the line that says
  15. “MioDigiWalker269,320 ร— 240” we select, accept, save and exit.
    We already have all the programs installed, we clean the Mio desktop, open “gsExplorer” open the Windows folder and the desktop folder and delete the icons that are not needed, we leave the others in favorites.

Back up to avoid having to do the whole process again

Thanks to Javi, we have the program, Backup Manager, with which we can make a backup of our gps mine, and so when the battery runs out and we lose all the configuration we can reset it in a simple way.

The instructions for use, are in a .txt within the rar that contains the program, I hope it is useful and I just have to thank Javi for his collaboration ๐Ÿ™‚

Wceusbsh.sys file error

This error message is generated only on computers that use the Microsoft Wceusbsh.sys driver and the ActiveSync 3.1 to synchronize a Windows CE-based device with the host computer. This problem has been noticed only on legacy-free computers (computers with no COM port or no ISA board bus slots).

Try installing the latest version of ActiveSync or try connecting the GPS from another computer (a friend)


USB u3

Today I released my new 1GB U3 pen drive, this system allows to have smart USB disks that make programs, personal preferences, passwords and settings, and files more portable, personal and protected. Each U3 disk has a ‘Launcher’ from which applications can be opened in Windows 2000 / XP.

One of the things that I like is that we can put password to access our pendrive (if we lose it will not be able to access the information contained) but surely with a looter. XD.

The application launcher already had it in my old pen drives where I had mail client, antivirus, putty, … but I had to manually run the launcher, in this case it runs only when starting ๐Ÿ˜€ this opens the door to a multitude of ideas in my disturbed head, for example, we can make a program that automatically when we connect it to a computer, copy certain programs or install something without having to do anything else, just by plugging it into a USB port ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ll look at something more about this system. One thing I did not like at the moment is that it does not work in linux ๐Ÿ™

The party of death

I have found this story via meneame and I liked it a lot (although it is very sad) about some players of the dynamo of Kiev who after the Nazi occupation were forced to go into exile and leave their jobs.

Little by little they were creating their own soccer team and after winning several games the German army teams were tortured and executed.

Another story more in the style of Anne Frank.

Turn your widgets into mini-applications

Although for Mac it appeared a while ago, now it has come out support also for windows view of the Amnesty program.

This program converts the code of a web widget, games or videos into a mini application that you can run on your desktop.

Examples of widgets you can find in Yahoo, Google, Microsoft …
It is still in Beta (for Windows Vista), and it is freeware.

They gave me two in two

If my grandfather already said it … for life … with his head high but with respect to others. And lately it seems that people are losing their heads, nerves are soaring, it seems that good manners have disappeared.

There is nothing more to take the car one day, it is rare that no one whistles or that you do not give the lights or that you go forward with gestures with arms and screaming as if you were to understand them … and the most they get is to dirty the crystals are your drool.

People are angry, more and more the spirit of society is lost, people among people feel uncomfortable.

But this situation does not refer only to young people, this has already been extended from 7-year-old children who steal and insult, to 70-year-old grandparents who only know how to complain and insult others.

I was angry before ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, it was one of those that jumped to the first, that I did not care about anything except to satisfy that feeling that impelled me to hit or scream or whatever … and now .. more and more, I try to control myself , I am no longer interested in that feeling, I try to see the good part of all things and above all I try to maintain my patience. If you let yourself go, two things can happen, or you can wipe out the situation and remain as insensitive, bitter and rude (as long as something worse does not have a solution) or you get the octopus.

Now, my new self, prefers to talk about things, not prejudge anything or anyone, and above all and the most difficult .. if something can be avoided … avoid it …

With this I do not mean that I have become a panolis who does not care about everything, if they look for me they find me, but I no longer look for … ๐Ÿ˜‰

Even today I am excited to see how young people get up on the bus to let an old man sit down, or as drivers kindly give way to others, as people help people in a disinterested way …

To finish a video about violence … is it worth living that way? .. LIVE AND LIVE! and avoid the problems …


Finally Goodbye Windows

Although it was not my intention, in the end I opted to format the entire computer (I had a shit …) and only put in linux.

As usual, I had an internal debate between Ubuntu or Kubuntu (Gnome or KDE) and after playing with the Live of both and read some things online I decided on Ubuntu.

The most important reason is that I am more used to it since I have been using gnome for several years and for what I need it is fine, although I have to say that the colors and distribution of KDE I liked a lot.

But not everything was going to be a road of roses, but finally my ATI does not give me problems and I can listen to music: D and even detects all PenDrive, external hard drives, SD / MMC cards … but I still need to configure some things that do not quite work well at all.

I have already been installing my platform to program, I started with the LAMP Server and I have been looking for some IDE to program PHP, so I have tried with BlueFish and Eclipse.

As I started to fiddle like a child with a new toy, the problems have not been slow to appear, I think that due to the “effects of the desktop” I have caused a failure and I have been hanging, thank goodness I wrote an article for some time Linux emergency cases: D

I will continue counting my skills and the rest of the programs that I’m putting in here …

I’m going on vacation

Everyone gets theirs and my holidays have arrived ๐Ÿ™‚ I will go down to Cadiz, near Puerto de Santa Marรญa and I will not return until August.

This blog … will not be closed at all, since Eva will take care of posting some of the news that I have accumulated from time to time, as if they will not expire: p but it will be impossible to answer the mails and the comments (forgive me) )

Just thinking about how I will have the mail tray when I arrive starts to stress me ..

Well, I said, have a good summer everyone and remember that tomorrow afternoon I’ll be bathing in this little beach ..

That nasty

Look, I’ve seen unpleasant things but this is … I really do not understand the people who like these abobinations, if to begin with they will not be able to run, because with what they have to weigh, that sure bounces back to the Laos and As I put a cake on his face he leaves it unconscious and do not tell me that with a bra he controls it because that is not tied with the ropes of the boats.