Catfish effect: AT& T follow Google announced plans to cities gigabit fiber optic network

now AT& T have 16.4 million broadband users, and is expected to reach 57 million users by 2015. Good user base to resist the Google market threats posed by Fiber, carried out in the face of the Fiber, AT& T also started their own high-speed network laid.

cities high-speed optical fiber scheme

two months ago, Google claims to large-scale promotion of Google Fiber, and invite us 9 metropolis 34 cities in Fiber project, to build high speed optical Fiber network. With the impact of the network operations, Google Fiber on foundation traditional giants began to sit a bit – AT& T announced today will be geared to the needs of high-speed optical fiber network across the country, covering a candidate cities, including 21 new urban areas, including Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, charlotte, Oakland, San Diego, st. Louis, Kansas, Los Angeles, SAN jose and San Francisco core city and around the city. (it looks like, Austin and Texas will usher in Google and AT& T network laying engineering.

but AT& T also showed the intention of steady development, said the high speed optical fiber network laid plans will not affect the budget of the investment on this year’s assets – which may be in order to reassure investors, but also to some extent, indicates that the cities high-speed fiber-optic network plan, perhaps only a prospect is very good on paper, the specific implementation still need to sit AT& T of the follow-up measures.

began laying plans to first get to choose the right partner, and AT& T will be first since conditions good cooperation in the city. According to the official, AT& T will cooperate with local network operators, together to discuss the details of the high-speed network laid. Appropriate network infrastructure, high investment and is willing to and alignment higher policy would help “candidate city”, the first upgrade high-speed network.

and matters of laying, AT& T with Google, Google had laid the Fiber requirements, in addition to the right place, right time, support local authority is also AT& T need “and” factors.

according to speculation, AT& T may be after a DSL in a network of optical fiber upgraded to high-speed network instead of the parts of laying.

GigaPower scheme

AT& T in December 2013, introduced a GigaPower project, and to Austin and the surrounding urban tens of thousands of households to provide high-speed fiber-optic network service (Austin current residents. 325000). According to the AT& T messages, users join GigaPower is expected to double this year. GigaPower monthly fee of $70, the highest speed can reach 300 MBPS, years will rise to 1 GBPS, add the package price of TV and voice service is between $120 and $150.

at present, AT& T is working with the government to negotiate, north Carolina, in the hope that will be based on the GigaPower u-verse promotion to digital services McCabe, Gary, chapel hill, durham, Winston Sam and raleigh, etc.

Via: Arstechnica