Cheap Futon Cover Guide

If you are looking for cheap futon covers, chances are you have company coming to visit and you just haven’t had time yet to buy extra covers for your futon. Even though you are looking for an inexpensive set, there are a few important factors to take into consideration.

Thread count – This is the number of threads used to make the futon cover. Low thread count covers will wear out a lot faster and may even lose their color faster in the wash. I suggest you not buy covers with less than 200 thread count. 400 count is even better and will last longer, but you have to determine for yourself whether or not you think it is worth it.

The next important factor to consider is the size of the covers. Some covers are sold the are made especially for the futon. This means that they will be more exact fits then regular sheet sets and that the fitted sheet will be less likely to come off the mattress. The size is also important. The most common size for a futon is a queen, but futons also come as a double, single and even other nonstandard sizes.

The third thing to consider when buying cheap futon covers is that you really don’t want the colors to bleed the first time you wash it. For this reason, a recommend you buy a named brand futon cover from a company that has been around for more than a few years.

The fourth thing to think about is that you need to look at how the color you select will match with the futon and with the rest of the room as well. Avoid color the clash. The most common colors for futon covers are white and black.

Don’t stress out too much about buying cheap futon covers, after all, it really isn’t that difficult of a thing to do. When buying online there are two things to remember. 1 – Prices drop around Christmas as internet retail competition is very fierce and another is to take into account shipping and handling charges. A lot of companies may offer free shipping and even though they seem more expensive, they will actually end up being a little bit cheaper.

Various Sizes And Dimensions Of Futon Covers

With all your searching, you’ve probably gone to some lengths to find the perfect futon cover.  Maybe you have a futon mattress you want a cover for.  A futon chair perhaps?  Sizes, shapes, and fabrics abound for slipcovers.  In this article, we’ll discuss several of the possibilities with you.

What Size Futon Are You Trying To Cover?

What particular size futon do you own or are looking to cover?  If it’s a bed you’re looking to protect or spruce up, you’ll find full futon covers and queen futon covers much more easily.  King-sized ones do exist but for some reason, they are harder to find.  It may have something to do with the fact that as people move up in bed size, they typically go for a more traditional mattress choice.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that….we’re just partial to the futon.  If you’ve got a twin, these are also popular because sometimes the manufacturers interchange full/twin language and/or combine them in description pages, etc.  So, remember this as you search.

Do Futon Covers Exist For Other Pieces of ‘Futo-nature’?

Here is a futon chair covered with a royal blue cover.
Here is a futon chair covered with a royal blue cover.

If it is another piece of furniture for a guest room or lounge area, you are also in luck.  Many people choose futon sofa covers for areas where they don’t want to commit to painting or changing the whole look of a room, so they’ll opt to change out their slipcovers instead.  It’s much less effort and depending on if you go for, say,  cotton twill futon covers vs. more expensive suede or leather fabrics, it can also be less expensive than painting a whole area.   Many people will not even notice that it is the same piece of furniture if you have several different futon couch covers.  The whole look of your room can change so easily, that their attention can be drawn to the other elements in the room that you wish to highlight.

You may or may not be aware that there are many different types of furniture made in the futon way.  You may just own a mattress and frame and be unaware that futon chairs, loungers, and other styles existed.  These versatile pieces of furniture are actually making a comeback in homes where space is at a premium and people the flexibility they provide.  Some people entertain guests and this gives them instant sleeping options.  Now, with the myriad of futon covers to choose from, they can entertain often and not feel like their guests are ever getting bored.  In fact, some people buy several styles that match their guests’ interest and can change them out quickly and easily to add that personal touch for their guests to feel welcomed and at ease.  Remember, there are so many options, don’t limit yourself to one.