Chen, a miracle? Might as well open an investment company

before renren unlisted, there have been media commented Joseph Chen, he is inside the last big Internet industry industry. After listed, renren really impressive performance, market value even closer to $ten billion for a time. Just a few short years, renren had already disappeared into the mainstream.

sounds roof leak, Chen is now encountered big “miracle”.

Chen was first conflict with Yang Muhan senior vice President, Joseph Chen accused Yang Muhan loyalty to the company, not false. The news that is Yang Muhan serial entrepreneur jack xu’s wife, she had helped in the renren work fills the net’s anonymous social application crows do promotion, and renren also intends to enter the field, thus causing the conflict. But rather be shocking to subordinates as Joseph Chen, Yang was not taboo, and Chen, yell in public. Chen, can be seen in the renren’s prestige, Chen and subordinate relationship is so bad.

estimates Chen, also didn’t return to absolute being, everyone is responsible for the strategic development vice President selena du also unceremoniously to fill a knife, selena du shelling chairman Chen, everyone in the mail, said it as a leader and a “very negative”.

a: wow! Successive chief shelling Chen, President, as the head of a company, is a humiliation. More let cloud network editor hunting jun sighs, internal mail ongoing outflow, dirty leakage quickly, is necessarily insider spreading, visible renren internal waves.

of course, Chen, also not doing nothing, he explained in his reply attack selena du by everyone of the company’s recent investment attracted a startup, “very insist on going to the company as CEO position”, but eventually selena du requirements that lead to chaos without approval.

the company recently invested in a technology start-up, Alan in the process of due diligence, the company is the company’s technology and prospect of dense, insist on going to the company as CEO position very much. Part in and the founder of our CEO candidates, are very sure CEO Alan is not the best candidate, the day before yesterday we told Alan, this decision today. . Is it a.. : – “

Chen pr reply a little four two dial one thousand jins, but still sell of hidden renren exist various crisis (previously).

now, renren is stuck in the mud, but Chen investment capacity in the industry so far no one can doubt that whether operation to sell chinaren, Mr Wang or acquisition of the implementation team of adult human public cash, Chen’s fortune technology didn’t have to say.

is the latest example, earnings, according to data from everyone in the fourth quarter net revenue of $30.7 million, compared with 29.1% lower; Operating losses of $13 million, compared with the 87.7% increase; Benefit from the sale of glutinous rice, and everyone in the fourth quarter net profit of $101.5 million, for a net loss of $21.1 million over the same period of last year, compared with the turnround.

Chen, it is to play capital gene.

, as a product superior to run please renren, they form a investment company, is readily available.