Children to play with mobile phone addiction, parents can be controlled with DinnerTime

the popularization smartphones and tablets, the children of its dependence on more and more serious, let their children can eat carefully and not to play mobile phones must be make a lot of parents have a headache problem.

the good news is that the application of a named DinnerTime maybe can help to them, when the product can let parents control children can use smart phones and tablets.

at present, this app is free, parents can use this app to suspend using a smartphone or tablet, allowing children to concentrate on homework, sports and family gatherings. Once a device is suspended, all functions will be locked.

DinnerTime application need to be installed in the equipments of parents and children. Parental control equipment must be a smart phone, because the application need to use a mobile phone number to device synchronizes with children. DinnerTime offers two versions of Android and iOS, but due to the restrictions of iOS, children’s equipment must be Android phones and tablets.

the parents need to install the application in the children’s equipment, and enter their phone number so that the two binding equipment.

long control devices in the home, DinnerTime offers three main options, respectively is eating, sleeping time and rest time. The three options can be found from control equipment, lock, but eats only half an hour, 1 hour and 2 hours three time optional; Sleep time allowing parents to specify the length of the concrete, and in this mode, control equipment will only display the main screen, and unable to run all the applications in addition to the alarm clock; And activate the rest mode, control equipment will be kept locking state, until parents stopped manually (locking status will stop automatically after 24 hours).

if you think it’s going to the DinnerTime directly to unload their clever boy, you’re wrong. When installing this application on the control equipment available, you can choose to activate the Android Device Admin mode (optional). After activation, the application can only be in the application of control devices are disabled.

in addition, the company in addition a free application DinnerTime Plus let parents can see children used by management and real-time application. Parents can also buy a detailed report, report will provide children spend time on specific application and the frequency of use.

a application called ScreenTime let parents can be a key lock children in their mobile phone equipment, also can set each day use time limit of application. This app for Android, monthly fee of $3.99.