China intelligent hardware: baidu ali millet 360 four factions have become

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GMIC full name is the global mobile Internet conference, but this time it’s focus on the intelligent hardware, intelligent hardware is the future of mobile Internet, Chinese Internet giant is highly recognized and have action. Tencent has finally opened fire on the GMIC, after baidu, 360, millet and ali four big Internet hardware has formed.

tencent wait long, single point breakthrough early adopters intelligent hardware

tencent at the conference on intelligent hardware position, first Ren Yuxin speech tencent company tries to connect all defined as connections, then tencent launched lobo APP + lobo box, this is a OBD device, insert the car after interface with tencent cloud connection, can realize the vehicle fuel consumption analysis, diagnosis, cool, social, and other functions.

after baidu has cooperation with titanium carriage network launched a Carnet on-board system, apple has Carplay smart car service, Google led founded the “Open car Alliance (Open Automotive Alliance)”. Tencent once again made a follower.

tencent now just start, select the car OBD single point breakthrough, also have to test the waters. Lobo box which can support the car, if you can merge with WeChat or hand Q social skills, it can play the traditional car channels, there are a lot of question marks. With tencent try different intelligent hardware item, before baidu, 360, millet and ali had already gone in the way of the intelligent hardware is far away, and formed a clear methods.

Internet hardware four branches: baidu, 360, millet and ali

baidu surrounding cloud do open ecological

Baidu besides own brand of product, in the last year launched a cloud Dulife intelligent health equipment, plump hand ring, Boom Band bracelets and other star product in which the launch this year Baidu Inside platform become intelligent hardware industry events. On technical layout baidu oneself also has many intelligent hardware patents, covering intelligent glasses, wearable devices, etc.

in technology, baidu cooperation with jingdong JD + smart hardware plan, with a strong channel alliance. Cooperation with TCL push TV + smart TV is expected to exceed 1 million shipments. It also invested in smart home firm eyes sea science and technology, smart cars have Carnet.

support external product, built-in baidu service, forming open ecological intelligent hardware is baidu.

360 based on product users shop

smart hardware division was set up in 360, has 360 360 portable WIFI, 360 key, and security routing, 360 lost guards, 360 security bracelet several independent products, as well as cooperation with TCL launched 360 air guard. Shop item quantity become 360 intelligent hardware.

millet around beautiful MIUI application

millet in the smartphone, successively launched smart TV, smart TV box, smart routers, WIFI, key products such as rice, it is pushing the intelligent router would like to act as the center of the smart home, ambitious, around the beautiful MIUI forms a hard and soft combination of ecology, the beautiful MIUI users do up is millet.

ali on business cooperation for

ali SmartTV alliance is established to take the lead in the field of smart TV, TV invests at the same time, cultural content, such as China to launch day cat magic box TV box, and pay to be a partner with TV TV, smart TV ecological to do. In the field of smart home is invested, haier and gree and other cooperation in intelligent home appliances connected to the ali cloud services. Cooperation, and secondly investment is ali into intelligent strategy of the family.

cloud services, product matrix, the operating system and business cooperation, corresponding to the baidu, 360, millet and ali hardware train of thought, everyone in the smart TV, smart home, wearable devices, smart cars, and other fields their already a long time.

why baidu so active in the field of intelligent hardware?

although Internet hardware has formed four camps, but from the perspective of the breadth of the layout, no one can out of baidu. Baidu has its own hardware products corresponding to 360, and the traditional hardware giant cooperation or investment ideas corresponding to the alibaba, ecological approach based on baidu cloud ROM corresponding millet. In the outside, baidu also formed their own characteristics, such as baidu Inside is the intelligence of the hardware industry initiative.

baidu such positive in the intelligent hardware industry, I think there are a few points.

1, the layout of the mobile Internet the next wave.

baidu is now clear mobile first strategy. More and more resources to the mobile Internet. Through the application of distributed open platform and baidu master App ecosystem, baidu now to speed up the pace of mobile search to liquidate on one hand, on the other hand, need to find the next imaginary space, or you like to talk about the entrance. It is obvious that the mobile Internet next opportunity lies in the intelligent hardware.

now is the early wave of intelligent hardware, the baidu said even advanced intelligent hardware layout in a timely manner.

2, baidu has build ecological technology.

smart hardware is still a technology-driven industries.

“smart” word must have technical foundation. Intelligence includes the human-machine intelligent interaction, identify induction machine automatic learning, environment, data mining and so on. Some technology in the Internet age has no place to play, such as voice, LBS positioning technology, multimedia interactive technologies such as cloud storage technology, machine learning and deep learning, natural language semantic understanding, big data engine.

at the same time, due to the fragmentation of intelligent hardware features, despite your offices, all want to be your own standard as a result there is no standard, can’t really realize equipment and equipment connected to each other. At this time of “cloud” can be built in the form of services to a different device, connect device in the cloud.

best say baidu technology, voice, images, maps, cloud, big data, deep learning, baidu has been behind the other Internet companies. Search engine is a technology-driven, baidu’s most technology cultural genes and engineers. Such culture become deep reason of it with technological advantages.

3, baidu has open the basis and gene.

search engine to index other web site data, so it is open by nature. In this logic, the baidu in the PC era had already formed the open ecology. Baidu union and baidu box computing to absorb into the ecological.

in the mobile Internet era, in addition to the middle page plan and baidu baidu mobile alliance still play a role, baidu cloud attract App developers into the ecological, baidu light application, SiteApp pull traditional webmaster and enterprise to the mobile terminal. The lack of such a connection URL ability between App behind a WEB site on data open ability, which makes the baidu in the mobile Internet open strategy more positive and effective.

watch the play essence of baidu hardware or in open ecology. Baidu Inside is the core backbone, product, cooperation, investment, patent is synergy tributaries. Corresponding to Baidu Baidu Inside can still smart hardware large cloud, Baidu is based on intelligent hardware that make a prosperous ecology.

mobile Internet with each passing day, every day there are new technologies, new products and new patterns. Everyone is around the App yesterday, today and evolution of O2O and mobile payment war, tomorrow may want to break into intelligent hardware again. Tide waves, rapidly changing. To deal with the changeable environment, only by being early, at the same time practice good technical background, ready to open ecological soil. Smart hardware has formed baidu four sects, ali, 360, and millet, tencent has just joined the intelligent hardware quest again, will further promote the intelligent hardware industry mature.

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