Chinajoy2014 on inventory: see new action game industry giants

(word/qing nan)

it is annual Chinajoy, crowds gathered feast is not only the game industry, is also the important strategic industry company or the latest action of concentrated at moment, is also the industry. Through high-end BBS and part of the business conference today, let’s count, the game company’s latest move.

1, perfect world

company CEO Xiao Hong key talking about 4 g game enterprise to bring a new round of growth opportunities for the client, he thinks the game change the future, the game will cover wearable equipment, transportation, medical rehabilitation, education products, mass consumption, body feeling, human-computer interaction, etc., all-round permeate the dribs and drabs of life, and part of the impact has begun. In the process, has begun to perfect layout through investment, acquisition, independent research and development, etc, and began to do talents reserves.

in addition, perfect world also announced that its new “neverwinter nights” entered into the Microsoft platform X – BOX.

2, touch technology

touch technology announced today that its advertising platform officially changed its name to “chang advertising”, will be more after the retrieval operation, and became a famous American mobile advertising platform – Chartboost China exclusive agent operating partners.

in addition, the CEO Chen Haozhi also revealed that the company will launch the Cocos during Chinajoy play. Compared the Cocos play app store distribution model can be downloaded in more fast and operating the game products, which means that a touch to cast off the yoke of the strong current channel, take a new road.

3, UC

UC gifted as COO Zhu Shunyan revealed that nine swim with UC PP assistant launched the “supernova plan”, better service to the developers. Plans included unified SDK access, free SDK XinYou test, dynamic rating, such as a key resource to support policy.

4, giant network

in yesterday announced it had problems masterpiece “, choose the day after the game with the same authority, giant network CEO liu revealed that this year began to focus on whole hand tour development layout, in the second half will be launched “lu tower legend”, “underground city legend” and “stew hero” three versions.

5, huayi brothers

do film sold huayi brothers is already involved in the gaming industry, CEO wang zhongjun revealed today, “ghost” of the game movie filmed in November this year, next year for New Year file siff, hope the film is now on the company operation and ghost the game has a bigger role.

in addition, huayi brothers has been set up Internet entertainment division, the game is the main one, then there will be a masterpiece with tencent to cooperate.

6, in the mobile game

the CEO XiaoJian revealed that babble games will be introduced during Chinajoy voice, the phantom hand swim engine, etc.

7, kaixin

kaixin announced officially launched “happy game” brands, page covers social game, open platform, mobile game issue related to the research and agency business, expanding its new brand image and ronal kaixin game market.