China’s first 800 online, the raise navigation to fly with the pig

article/dream at founder in 800

the raise has already become the pig on the tuyere, we want to be a pig!

yesterday saw a wrote an article, the author points out that raise navigation group-buying navigation is among the same business opportunities, we feel the need to voice, after all, we are the first to the raise of navigation, the group took fire regiment 800 group-buying navigation, the raise so fire, raise navigation must also have the future.

dream 800 the creation of original intention

although the raise of the platform is not like first group-buying instantaneously thousands, but now the raised platform of industry growth also crazy. We dream 800 (, hope to be able to provide users with more than one aggregation and the raised platform of the project, allows the user to take in everything in a glance to see the public to raise website of project information. All say no, to change the world for a long time, we meet for the raise pattern is very interested in, so as to cooperate together to do such a platform.

we, refers to with my partner li hao, and a few like-minded brothers, we use spare time together recently to 800 out of the dream. And li met in technology BBS, we will be in his spare time to browse some of the site, raise are often struck by the idea of some project initiator, but suffer from does not have a platform for the raise product to come in, don’t need to open the web site to see all the raise different projects. So, based on common interests, two people hit it off, decided to make a platform for the raise of aggregation.

we raise website, browse a lot of the found all these raise website each has its own area, raise network belongs to the comprehensive the raised platform, such as the roll call time is focus on the business in the field of science and technology, the market has not yet been a unified platform, allows users to see all the project raise more comprehensive.

it is understood that all the raise at present domestic large web sites have not a few, in addition to Bob mentioned all the net, call time, raise the dream-seeker nets, tao monternet portal, monternet portal in China, the sea color mesh, sleep. SO wait for all sorts of the raise website more than 20, this isn’t some traditional financial companies to the transformation of the raised platform.

due to the raise pattern involves a lot of industries, such as now more fire all the raise and the raise of science and technology, entertainment, movies, the raise, all public welfare, press the raise, raise equity, etc., raise the raise a website if you want to cover all these areas, you need to spend more energy in particular, so the raised platform at the beginning will often carried out in one area.

because the raised platform is still in its infancy, it’s hard to have an absolute advantage, the development of the industry as a whole pattern did not forming, this also gives us some confidence to dream 800 nets. The new venture financing model based on the raise of love and judgment of the pattern in the development of the industry as a whole, I resigned from the original company, now, and full-time dream 800 nets.

The challenge of the


for a technical background, website promotion, operation and other kinds of problems are problems to be solved.

because we itself is a technical background, so build dream 800 from a technical point for us is not much difficulty, but for example involves some website promotion, the respect such as operation, before we contact is not much, but we firmly believe that good product will naturally attract users, so now we want to make polishing products, at this stage and then to promote.

dream 800 pages of overall design taking concise line, which is divided into life, science and technology, creative design, style of literature and art exhibitions, handmade, product design and other seven categories, and can according to the online time, amount and the number of support and ordered by preheating and ongoing projects.

dream 800 now has basically completed the site search, the preliminary work of information collection. For all the raise the project itself is not particularly strict classification, each site for classification standard is different also, so we are more are classified according to our own experience and interests.

from the programmer’s responsibility and professional habit, in order to ensure product quality, so we are currently tense for beta testing, has not yet started formal work, later will try to do some promotion.

we are very welcome to raise industry of interest to you for all the attention, visit our website at any time, share your opinion. And hope that through the common efforts, to produce enough content under the premise of all can even build a raise related communities. Our website is:, hope to edit an adult hand, keep the url, this is a big, big web site can be long:)

navigation is not so easy as to

in most people’s impression, the navigation is an information platform for the polymerization, itself involves technical, operational threshold is very low, if there is no absolute big traffic, navigation is easy to be transcended.

relative to other types of sites, navigation on the technology is relatively simple, but in fact, if you want to do a good job in this navigation, retain more users, may be in the product, operation and so on various aspects need to be a lot of pay, and therefore the work of more than other types of web sites.

navigation if you want to survive, related services and products of the user experience is also important. Such as domestic independent regiment 800 group-buying navigation website, in addition to the site navigation, he also did a lot of related product innovation, such as BBS community, complaints platform, information channel and so on.

on the one hand is the most important thing is we need to perfect the construction of basis functions, the first is as far as possible more information aggregation, improve our site coverage, strive to make each one with hope to browse through the students to find what they want. Followed by the detailed project classification, convenient search, hope to be able to provide users with more personalized search, interests, recommend, recommended sites and other services.

on the other hand, besides we mentioned the raise community, we are also want to add some more characteristics of services, such as when we now click on the specific projects, there will be the middle pages to prompt the user to jump to the relevant sites, among this just now or reminders, we may follow-up among the page to add some eggs and fun activities. In addition, we also recently in preparation for a new function module – “ideas”.

ideas this module does not provide any function related to the raise, it is designed to give you an idea of the communication platform, anyone can put their own ideas, creative flashes or even produce the idea of sharing out discussion, do not need to complete a business plan, product design or related threshold, so for those who are also interested in the raise but may not implement the people have a very good “test” their ideas of the platform.

we think everyone around you is an artist, inventor, every moment in life may change the world. “Ideas make life better, if only because all kinds of threshold limit, leading to loss of lots of good Ideas is a very regret things. It is also very consistent with our understanding of the raise, there may be more involved in the traditional industry in the future the raise project, such as catering, entertainment and even real estate, and so on, by that time, the dream of the value of 800 will be further reflected.