City wall into a “xiang”, Google invested Urban Engine to help

the prosperity and development of the economy, where countries become the “first” for the first time. Whether the new technologies such as cloud computing can also go visibly, solve some practical issues related to life and people?

Urban Engine is an intelligent traffic data analysis company. It get in cooperation with government transport sector, self-developed software into is similar to bus IC card device of inductor. Whenever people brush a public transportation card, the software can collect this information. Key, the software will receive data back to the Urban Engine of the cloud, algorithms, developed by the company to deal with data. Urban Engine after these results present the traffic guidance department, help them to real-time control traffic order, or to formulate reasonable transportation layout planning.

so far, Brazil, Singapore and other countries and regions of the city, the traffic analysis system has been applied.

the founder of the company are well. One of them was responsible for Google Adsense, Search Appliances, Cloud Apps, vice President of Shiva Shivakumar, another is the project manager of the intelligent network center at Stanford.

the cloud has been deep into every aspect of the Internet industry, but it seems always across a layer of high walls and ordinary people. Urban Engine is the cloud moved from behind the scenes to front, let’s “seeing is believing”.

however, cloud network editor you think hunting, only the part of the data provided to the government but also enough, Urban Engine should develop or adopt the method of cooperation with others, the data in the form of specific application, for ordinary people downloaded to mobile phones and other mobile devices. If you have an app can let us understand the current road conditions, anytime and anywhere that we can make travel adjustments in a timely manner.

it is reported that Urban Engine has just completed a round of investment (Numbers are unknown). Investors include: Google ventures, Eric schmidt, A16Z vita grams, SV Angel, card? Ram? From a lamb.

what’s interesting is that Mr Ma, also has announced plans to set up a digital city, part one is about to use big data to deal with the city traffic resource rational distribution, etc. I hope one day our cities less congestion, at least, can make us easily to arrange travel, rather than the “elephant”.