Claim to move first, but Microsoft is still to the mobile version of IE as food alone

as Microsoft “mobile first, based on the cloud” strategy, all Windows platform, all kinds of software of the terminal has been the recent development of Microsoft. At present such as Office, OneDrive application are the mainstream of the iOS, Android platform to launch the corresponding version – sometimes other mobile platform oriented version earlier than Microsoft their adaptation version?

IE temporarily not login competition platform

so IE?

it is a big effort to create a new version of IE browser, then the browser will be adapted to launch other system version? Mac version of Internet explorer was launched in 2003, however, Microsoft now advocate “move first”, in principle, the is also to corresponding launched iOS, Android version of Internet explorer?

however, according to the current learned the news, IE is not login iOS and Android platform for a while.

on August 14, the AMA (ask me anything) on the activity of Reddit, IE team members responded, “now we are try my best for the Windows Phone platform to build a high quality mobile browsers, and has made some breakthrough. As a result, we temporarily no plan development iOS and Android version of Internet explorer, but focus on perfecting their browser kernel. Internet is architecture in a number of you can compete with each other in the platform, we also believe that the platform will be the development trend of the future.”

planning new features, welcome advice

in addition to the IE to the mobile news, in Reddit AMA event, Microsoft’s Internet explorer team also brought some new messages, members have revealed that in simulation development version, IE also increases the page, reading model, with a collection photo website page icon, sliding around to return or enter a new page, and so on, also welcomed the advice of the masses.

according to the IE team’s response, the next Microsoft or plans to open up to collect user feedback, the functional requirements of web site, for now, Microsoft has on the characteristics of the function of the IE has set up a website for the special status. Modern. IE, marking the future or support, or stop the IE function.

deep black history, need to various rebranding

on the other hand, the development of the Internet explorer team also found that people impression of IE black history was too deep, not quite willing to try, or do not want to believe that Internet explorer was already thoroughly remould oneself. Microsoft has also been relevant Suggestions, hoping to rebrand IE, change of IE users has not enough positive impression, make the brand more joint products at present. (this, also some jokingly suggested using diffuse in the marvel comic villain Ultron Ultron named after.)

Microsoft has released official, said the recent update of IE will add new functions, not only the past common bug fixes, or is to increase security patches. This week, for example, to update the patch package will include support for WebGL and F12 developer tools, and other functions.

Microsoft has recently announced that it will start from September 9 shielding old version ActiveX plug-ins, in January 2016, will cease to support for IE 8, and require the user to use the latest version of Windows, to get properly, use the security patches, etc.