ClassWallet, helps the teacher to manage class expense of multi-functional electronic wallet

when it comes to money, there are several common problems, such as every class of teachers will face a lack of funds. And most of these problems is the result of management style undeserved. Today, ClassWallet began to offer private test version, for teachers to let them have a better way to raise funds, management, tracking and control class.

ClassWallet is led by former lawyer now technology entrepreneurs Jamie Rosenberg. Previously he was founded by the famous Adopt A Classroom software, in the past 13 years successful to distribute $25 million to 150000 class.

Rosenberg argues that the teacher to raise money for supplies, raising funds for a camping, get money from subsidies or related departments, the money deposited in the appropriate accounts and make it easier to track, these are the class money management the main pain points.

, for example, last year’s annual Jacksonville teacher from the local education foundation won a $500 bonus. In order to rationally allocate funds, fund bonuses in the form of a check will be sent to the teacher. In order to reasonable use money for her class, the teacher gave a cheque to the school, and schools are submitted to the relevant departments to check and put money in the bank.

the teachers now have two choices: one kind is with her own money to buy goods, and then apply for reimbursement, this is a lot of teachers are methods; Another is listed her want to buy goods list and submitted to the school.

in addition, Rosenberg said, education legislation has always been in accordance with the “action for children all” thoughts to develop.

although it may mean that students can obtain more than they need supplies and tools, but heavy paperwork is likely to be struggling to cope with teachers. And the process may take two months now, and more changes to complete.

and ClassWallet was created in order to simplify the process, and in its inside a lot of useful things. Under the condition of the same authorization, the foundation will check directly submitted to the responsible ClassWallet will distribute money to the teacher. Look, that you can gain money!

from here, the teacher can buy goods from suppliers directly. ClassWallet has formed a partnership and a number of suppliers, including Best Buy, Office Depot, Scholastic, School Specialty, Carson Delosa and other suppliers to provide any required for teachers matter.

ClassWallet admit that not all of the transaction can be completed online. By MasterCard and Verifone partnership, ClassWallet allow teachers to put the money from their ClassWallet account into the used for camping supplies can be offline purchase prepaid MasterCard.

in ClassWallet, all transactions can be tracking, and can be easily exported PDF files and relevant administrative departments for the schools. Teachers can fundraising activities are established within the platform, sends a message, and thank the supporters.

in the past few months, there have been 500 teachers use ClassWallet closed beta version, for all their forecast is accurate. Regardless of department, state, don’t, age or experience, each teacher is having the same problem.

this technology, there is a major challenge is how to in the case of money is tight, to sell the application in the education system. All in all, there are many teachers like applications and tools exist, but the relevant departments are unable or not willing to provide the budget for it.

ClassWallet don’t want to save a lot of time and money to provide service, it hopes to education systems to create a “need to have the product”. And founding team from Adopt A Classroom experience and network should be able to play its expected role.

ClassWallet application recently joined the satellites – Kaplan accelerator, and rubbing their hands in the coming back to school season.