Cloud storage of security holes, Dropbox suspension link to share

Dropbox recently confirmed its loopholes exist in the file sharing mechanisms, may cause safety problems, therefore has suspended the original with the use of hyperlinks document sharing links, and set out to repair the hole.

according to a statement from the company, the following scenario, the document sharing pose a safety hazard:

Dropbox users share document contains hyperlinks to guide third-party sites address;

if both Shared links users to click on the link address, the original share links will lead to a third party web site;

with the web site home page permissions are able to share links to access to the original file encryption.

but Dropbox said not yet with the vulnerability of problem feedback. To be on the safe side, Dropbox fully suspended contain hyperlinks document sharing, after a few days to repair to re-enable this feature – other document sharing function as usual.

cloud storage for equipment increasingly common society has brought more convenience, however, and security caused by the outside world. This is not the first time that the cloud security vulnerabilities.

Dropbox current valuations have reached a billion-dollar, support for its high valuation is it from a personal cloud storage market to the enterprise wide prospect of market. Relative to personal storage, enterprises need higher security services, and Dropbox need more efforts in the field.