Company B2B products, provide music services for businesses

about online music overseas media, services and Pandora is frequently reported in a leader. A new subscribers to be sure, is issued to a big success in B2C mode.

now services and the supporting role, through the commercial media streaming music company Soundtrack Your Brand investment, transfer the line of sight to the commercial service of streaming music.

commercial streaming music 】 【

Beats founder Ola before Sars and company business development director Andreas Liffgarden what have consensus on the development of the streaming music, think B2B will be the inevitable trend of future Soundtrack Your Brand thus arises at the historic moment. With streaming music services mainly for bars, restaurants, shops and other public areas.

according to the Soundtrack Your Liffgarden, chairman of the board of the Brand, the company founded by original intention is to use the services as music media influence, promote music element in the commercial situation, the application of and build new profit point.

Liffgarden said two-thirds of customers to enjoy the music in public services are mainly from the store choice of CDS. Soundtrack Your Brand will use the services of library and the services, more targeted to provide music services for businesses.

these music services will also include unlimited streaming music and custom playlists, according to different occasions to join Facebook, Twitter, social elements is available to share, in our website and offline playback mode.

Soundtrack Your Brand, at present there are two types of pricing are small independent commercial platform oriented “services Business”, 349 Swedish kronor per month, and for large corporate customers, chain store “company Enterprise”, 799 Swedish kronor per month.

all sorts of similar 】 【

in the Soundtrack Your Brand before, there’s a company named Soundrop also chose the same business model – in commercial public areas to provide copyright law streaming music service. But Soundrop then took to the social music community development route, and launched the “hall” (Room) services.

Soundrop left, is undoubtedly the Soundtrack for Your Brand, leaving more space for development. The soundtrack Your Brand reference Soundrop – of course, some of the technology is soundtrack Your Brand has its own technical development team, the reference is only part of it.

as well as commercial Soundrop streaming music services, a lot of digital music Media companies are eyeing the commercial music services market, including the Mood Media, Image, Sound, Play Networks and other companies.

although the market potential is great, but the music copyright problem has always been the industry the company one of lingering problems. Streaming music service company in B2C is the music copyright issues to deal with the good and the experience may help company in the field of new commercial streaming music service get more opportunities.

financing situation 】 【

Soundtrack Your Brand not only received from the company’s investment, support the company’s investment banking Northzone, Creandum, Wellington, and HMP is also the Soundtrack Your Brand investors.

Soundtrack Your Brand in some extent, it is accurate to test the waters in the field of business. Although the company is just behind the investors, but the Soundtrack Your Brand the company “gene” of dense also condemned Soundtrack Your Brand in the future will also keep a close relationship with the company.