Cool Ann network, alternative boutique application + community

now discuss application market whether the subject is too LOW, don’t worry, first to look down.

focus on cool Ann network for a while, the game is completely different from other third party applications market. Cool Ann network application only do high-quality goods, found that if you use, you will be surprised at its stickiness. Strong community atmosphere, although the site experience is not perfect .

first play it cool, cool network gathered a batch of application of Ann very pick , sharing high-quality goods is only recommended principle, number here don’t do a priority, quality is the most important one annulus. Of course can’t just a little cool.

in the cool, it opens at every app has a “cool Ann comments on” this is a cool web editor review, language along with the gender, interesting, pay attention to see, in some places great . Cool Ann and netease, always gathered a batch of great spirit. In comments also has only slightly sharp. Pay attention to see, always with smile. Not much said above

here is a digression, domestic currently two teams is very attract me to understand, one is the burqa comics is a cool team. Cool the ID of the cow force a lot, one of the most prized is cool, small make up, according to whether on zhihu for himself to piece together the image of the answer: CS very strong group of team, with the keyboard and car, is a local tyrants, by the way, what’s the total was “alive”. Behind the cool after the only cool Ann programmers (now have a new member to join), formerly a website CTO, apple fans. Incidentally, Internet products, behind the team must have remained a mystery is also a kind of low-key marketing (have to be good) products. Disclosed, cool Ann team 4 people.

these mentioned above, there are many subjective complimentary ingredients. but cool Ann application in domestic numerous commercial property market has a standout feeling . Zhihu on extracted from a user point of view, do a excerpts from here.

first, small make up system and application in domestic market, rare edit directly involved in the interaction. Cool Ann, used to remove website also have small make up their own, very flattering. Often interact with the user to pop a words by the user. “Bag mail to send you a stove poker”.

comment system, different other BBS, user level, download, send comments won’t be penalised. Has a comment on this higher quality .

user level, really high quality, here I am also very confused, greet a cool cattle make up this problem, he also vague nature development. But I and zhihu respondents agreed, there must be a group of people, and so did the cool early Ann’s comments to the whole, but how to accumulate to a specific group of people is .

the application itself, no promotion, no advertising, list do not human intervention , the current characteristics: application found that interesting fun application recommended out at any time. Application set, users can create their own application set can also be Shared.

in addition to the various advantages, also want to see a cool Ann question now. about cracking application, this to avoid problems. Early cool install has sent out many applications that have paid for users to download . Cool Ann cattle for this problem is given, actually don’t want to provide cracked versions, but no way, is the environment in China. We will also provide paid software in the future.

now, cool network to the user very sticky, Ann in the developers, they also said they will try to strengthen the viscosity. hope can give developers find application in cool the first batch of high quality seed users, this feedback and application of iteration is faster .

finally said the financing situation. Team has developed on its own, is their own salary at the beginning, the cool Ann also pick up some high quality application promotion to maintain operation. Don’t try so hard, but they said financing melt is big, the cool Ann plan hasn’t been done two years ago. The next version of cool mobile terminal market will have a big different, they say, they are stepping up lu.

cool Ann network


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