Copyright lawsuit over there yet, millet and started a router with the job of fast sowing

hunting cloud network on July 10,

these two days the prick silk otaku for whether the quick play various break news with deep sorrow and silence, millet is also there for Letv copyright lawsuits busy busy east west. Recently, because of the copyright, the big Internet companies to be extremely cautious, copyright but at the same time also let the taste of the meat have pain.

there are difficulties, there is demand there is opportunity! Like watermelon, pioneer, gigi rushing to do fast backup way, dare to do the work, not a giant companies how to more concealed, more can play policy’s boundaries?

360 to like feud with millet, with their own millet router is to play such a flower for you.

the latest two versions of the millet router handsets joined the resource search function, as shown.

looking at here is very common, if just a few recommended the content of their own.


see here we have a little touched.. Roomful of dry fast play live..

of course, it seems that millet should be just on this aspect of the business, the collection of a few small website and thunderbolt home video download link, many popular video won’t be able to search, but can download search.

show download speed.

this is in the condition of 100 m optical fiber, with the result of the thunderbolt platinum members, without words, everybody thunderbolt download speed…

millet router attached to the thunderbolt platinum member one year, but with many users reflect the binding member, found only one month, two months of the time.

this time was for millet routers to find a big market space. But bring thunderbolt download technology when shield to do the same things fast sowing, can really wipe with edge ball?

but at least in its current state is hidden deep enough, can you see the cloud network news to go hunting to try what also can’t find it, and currently millet CNTV into their own brothers.

the last remind you watch the news want to proceed with millet router kiss, before you buy to consider clear whether they can afford a cramp in five minutes.

hunting cloud network editor jun also deep prayer: the next system update, remember to a cramp ten minutes oh kiss!