Counter attack apple again? Google will push Google Fit health data management platform

Forbes has exclusive news that Google will be 2014 at the end of this month on the Google I/O type release health information monitoring and management platform application, Google Fit. Only we can see from the name, this is an apple and released after the Health Fit, attempt to thus Google services.

the report did not disclose the details of the Google Fit. Just say this kind of service can be from a third party wearable equipment to collect user health data, at the same time, data distribution, and user’s health data managers role. It is reported, Google will be released in this year’s Google I/O this service, did not provide the necessary API developers.

if the above message correctly, so this means that apple and Google will be a new round in the field of health tracking sort of wearable devices “world-class fight”. All oems in the near future can choose their own living “team”. Forbes pointed out that although samsung has launched its own health data collection platform, Sami, but after the advent of Google Fit, samsung is likely to be forced to “surrender”.

it is understood that Google will Fit with Google Android intelligent watch system use Wear. Android is Wear a specially tailored for smart watch version of the Android system. Given the Android share has more than 80%, in the field of smart Android Wear and Google will receive the Fit incomparable first-mover advantage. If so, this means that only one month behind apple Google will Fit again Android counter attack the drama of the iOS.