Crap job?

I have little left to finish the race and we have all started to send resumes to different companies and I have even participated in various integration campaigns to the world of work that has been organized by the board of Castilla y León and the university.

I have looked at many companies such as Neoris, Coritel, Indra, IBM, Everis etc … and some have liked me more than others, but something that is common in almost all are salaries.

This afternoon we have been discussing some class about the difference of working in Salamanca or Madrid, and about the quality of life in one place and in another.

I guess that except for those who are willing to run away from home most people prefer to live in their own city, that parents live very well ..

The fact is that I was surprised by the amount of junk work that is related to computer science, work intrusion apart, I find it degrading that after studying for 5 years copper more working as a telemarketer in orange than as a computer engineer.

And I ask myself, treating people like that, will they pretend to work motivated? I enjoy what I do because I love my work but to a limit, I am not willing to work 12 hours a day (unpaid overtime) for 800 euros a month and I sincerely believe that companies that treat their employees the final result I already imagine it …

53 techniques with style sheets

Interesting “tutorial” or collection of tricks that we can carry out with style sheets.

It’s really worth taking a look.

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Human stupidity

This is the typical article that I would like not to have to write but that is often impossible to ignore.

This afternoon was quietly in my car, when stopped at a traffic light, the car in front that had invaded the next lane began to reverse, as I was seeing the play began to whistle to realize that I was behind but nor for those, ended up crashing into my car.

At the beginning, her driver, did not even get out of the car, I had to go and look for her and to my surprise she went out in a rage. After drowning the enormous desire I had to grab her and stamp her against the moon of her car I convinced her to stop on a nearby street.

The first thing he said to me was: “Nothing happened to you, I’m leaving”

After forcing her to stay I went to examine the car, I checked how I had put half a front right inside, one of the grids and the bulb were a bit out and the paint of the bumper somewhat damaged, after “trying to explain it” and tell him he had that to give part to the insurance tells me: “But if you have given me your”, it is in those moments when a cold sweat runs through your body, and you have to calm down so as not to take a stick and destroy the car.

Seeing how you could not converse with “this person” I decided to call the police and before my surprise they did not take more than 3 minutes to arrive. Before the unit of attestations the “little woman” declared that she had backed off, but when she hit me I was not stopped and that was totally false.

As I know perfectly well that there is a local police traffic camera in there, I told the agent, and he, very kind, checked how at that moment the camera was located in that area, before the threat of the camera and that there was I picked up the whole scene, she accepted the part where I was totally stopped.

The “little woman” was a foreigner, she did not have a year to drive, she did not wear the “L”, she refused to give the address or the telephone to the agents (they checked her background) in order .. a panoramic view worth seeing and nobody took action against her.

I understand perfectly how there are so many traffic accidents, with people like that .. it’s something very normal, the strange thing would be that there were not, the car of this “person” was destroyed, the bumpers aboyeados, the side grated, did not know or park, in short, a walking danger.

Moraleja: The next time something happens to you, no matter how small, look for witnesses, with that you will assure that people “with bad blood” do not take advantage of you.