“Crazy” new hardware: can bring value for users is a path

on May 8, hunting cloud network


at present, about the development of new hardware, entrepreneurial teams a dime a dozen, all kinds of wonderful work ideas. Smart table, sleep detector, detector, weight skin detection, air detector, driving assistant, intelligent sound and so on and so on.

what’s the use of these things? The value of bring to users and the market how?

we old hunting zhai participated in this exhibition, salon, many times the total look down and found that the new hardware is actually very clear the category of the classification, only have different focus on the market place, is not a powerful and unconstrained style.

users of those requirements

new products must be user requirements, only there is a market demand! The user needs nothing more than “practical” and “pretend bility. “Practical” is, of course, a very good understanding, it is the user’s actual demand, such as: safety, health, efficiency, enjoy, entertainment, create and so on. And “force” as he said narrow point is pack to force, and separate is aesthetic, emotional appeal, personality and then add a pack to force.

in addition to the “efficiency” and “creation” of all the needs, everyone can have a look at will understand basically, and “efficiency” and “creation” is a bit confused, need further explanation.

“efficiency” is used to improve the efficiency of people’s life, work products, such as: washing machine, rice cooker, computer etc. “Creation” in plain English is want to you can always create something, write an article, take a photo, meal, and so on is not the same as worthwhile, becomes meaningful, to make this a period of time to enrich yourself, by the way. But generally to do all these things take a lot of time and manpower, for all kinds of auxiliary people can quickly create lots of buying the product. The camera is like: rice cooker and skin care.

and our new hardware, due to the limitation of industry chain, technology, from the concept of capital Internet seduce again at the same time, the product actually is inseparable from the following several categories.

phone, PC peripheral accessories such as

since have drive of the concept of the Internet, of course, a lot of products will be born in mobile phones, PC both Internet carrier. Many with the Internet was not the above products, in order to make track for the concept of Internet hardware, just add product data exchange module, plug in a PC, even on the phone, I am the new Internet hardware!

the combination of some products is very good, of course, now digital product data module also value is not how many money, plus the Internet mode, can lower the price also is pretty good. But the premise is that the user can grab.

such Internet carriers such as mobile phones, PC hardware accessories can be said to be the most close to the new intention, which is the most easy to popularize products, but the effect is not necessarily good, little driving force users to upgrade of product.

360 wifi, intelligence keys, for example, the hardware product, meet the needs of user utility, efficiency, in order to improve its software user stickiness, but the effect is not necessarily the best for yourself.

soon users will find that, in the after another software without any costly Settings, you can use immediately. Especially like wisdom key it with headphones voice control can replace, is more of a gimmick. Stickiness is impossible, up to a little money made a hardware.

the promotion of the next step in the peripheral accessories, need to improve the aesthetic individuality at the same time, continue to the involvement of the user viscosity, the higher level of entertainment, creating ability and bring more value for the user.

smart home related products

smart home is a hot topic, is considered to be the object of the next generation of subversion. So big the team the intelligent household concept with the concept of Internet hardware match together, the original small gadgets in the home, packing. Smart home is coming!

these counts as intelligent household products, are far away from the smart home. And the function of the Internet is just the intelligence lives in a small function, the basis of its core value is: true for users to bring infinite fancy entertaining and creativity.

now obviously, you still have lots more to on the hardware and software technology and ecology is still a long way to go. And more products are also rely on mobile phones, PC to make the user experience, to put it bluntly, they can only be called mobile phone, PC peripheral products, it’s just a relatively larger.

smart home market is still at the stage of promoting the underlying technology, more in-depth transformation of niche, to win the favor of the market segment, which takes the considerable number of users of smart home.

as intelligent router, smart table, air detector, intelligent sound etc. These are hovering on the practical function and personalized, do intelligent household basis function in the field of different articles. Only smart TV is like a real smart home.

the composition of “smart” how many of these goods? Can go up the “smart home” the glory of the future? Need to calm down slowly, after all, they are only covers the basic connection of smart home.

but after stained with the light of the Internet, hope that the new hardware can bring more value for the user

car networking and other Internet of things surrounding

smart home fire, for can plug a few street car, car networking, of course, is also an area where to be reckoned with. Then driving assistant, this kind of car air purifier products one by one to break into the line of sight of people, too.

for vehicles, unmanned, car entertainment systems all because is limited by a variety of security problems, both in function and technology has greatly restricted.

due to these factors, the products with the Internet connection is not very big, the future may well be a spelling technology, by the direction of the hardware profit, can bring a better driving experience.

perhaps maps so the imagination of space, but the function and the value of the mobile map and car also has the very big difference, how will the capital market operation, to say.

new hardware is an imaginary space is very large, but behind the breakthrough technology and market there are many Bridges to cross. Let user acceptance and love to form a huge ecological, the popularity of product, the user experience of mining test for the team.

but want to make a product, or cheaper let people don’t have to think, or has already been accepted extensively based on a product, and then to integrate cost-effective outstanding experience for users. Otherwise is encumbrance or value for users, has become a problem.

to imperceptibly into let users do not need to suffer to accept new products, obtain more practical function, that is the experience of lazy people the most happy.