“Crowdsourcing map design”, the Line and WeChat opened a good start

well-known mobile IM applications Line has launched a “platform”, this project is to let the user designed their own map (becomes). All submitted by and formally issued map, designers will receive a 50% profit sharing.

“LINE Creators Market for all who love map design, prepared a show themselves and get paid platform”. Line official wrote in the blog.

the Line should be in the field of mobile IM played the best value-added service. As one of the “killer app” of the Line, map monthly bring revenue of about $10 million for the Line. Users daily on Line map but also broke through 1.8 billion.

Line, points out that all designers design map (of course can be officially released) must be issued by the Line exclusive. The Line for “crowdsourcing” design map and intellectual property rights of the contents of the audit. Who can launch map, a designer will receive a 50% profit sharing. It is understood that the current Line on a map of 12 pieces, priced at $0.99 – $2.99 range.

so, what it does not bring the Line “money”, but there is no doubt will increase user participation. Up to now, the Line announced its 400 million registered users.

it is understood that this activity will be in May this year, first in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand.

the Line this was a great event, a have a good result in the field of “imitation innovation” penguin, can learn again this time. But WeChat the first thing to understand is, improve the quality of the map is the most important thing. The value of texture is close to life, supplement and even express the meaning of words can not express how much. Post picture, after all, is not merely play a base, in order to sell MOE.