Ctrip ticket generation: low space covertly exchange high space to earn price difference

a discount Y class ticket for $1512, after the final ticket, turned into a 840 yuan 5 fold E class tickets, weibo users “white” Thomas in ctrip a booking experience some unknown to the outside world may have exposed the industry to “hidden rules”.

analysis according to professional personage, passengers on ctrip net purchase price paid for the ticket ticket and, after the third party ticket generation according to the ticket, and then in the passenger ticket unwittingly, a lower berth ticket, again make a big difference.

ctrip sources told the China business news reporters accepted the above approach and said, “this is an”, “this ticket is ctrip cooperation PiaoTai out”, ctrip guest complaints feedback after they receive, have done refund the difference.

an unnamed OTA (online travel) the personage inside course of study tells a reporter: “the airline space is very complicated, also is the economy class, many consumers will not be noticed that the shipping space difference, based on the high price difference, the many small and medium-sized ticket generation exists such practices.”

covertly exchange space

25 April, weibo users “white” Thomas in the ctrip reservation online from xi ‘an to dunhuang on May 19, China southern airlines CZ6347 ticket, no tax fares for 1512 yuan. He, however, by mobile phone APP “air travel vertical and horizontal” check your ticket, only to find the ticket was “huge”. He finally actually buy the ticket price is 840 yuan (excluding tax), 672 yuan price difference exists between.

“Thomas white” issued by the two screenshots images. The order information, ctrip, above shows the China southern airlines CZ6347 flight information and ticket price 1512 yuan. And another one through vertical and horizontal “” air travel to check the ticket information is displayed, par value was 840 yuan, which is about equal to 5 fold full price 1630 yuan or so, and show the class air travel became E class.

a professional analysis of operation process, the passengers to buy tickets in the third-party online ticket agent and the third party ticket generation let passengers to pay 1512 yuan fare, the ticket return, and then with 840 yuan net par a high discounts, even in China southern refund 10% handling charge, so a to 520.8 (RMB 1512-840-1512 * 10%) can bring extra income.

for consumers, sit in the same is economy class, if you don’t know or don’t focus on rules of miles, it’s hard to see the issue.

airlines have frequent flyer program, through the integration of the accumulated mileage of passengers. Buy ticket can get mileage feedback is associated with the fare, fare discount corresponds to different space, the space determines the passengers can enjoy the mileage points.

to be sure, here the shipping space refers to the ticket in the sense of booking the shipping space, rather than the actual flying first class, business class or economy class passenger cabin. In economy class, for example, different space can understand into corresponding economy without tax different percentage of the full price tickets (Y tank). China southern airlines, for example, in terms of space, the corresponding Y cabin is economy class without tax full price, class B is the corresponding discount, the corresponding E cabin is 4 to 7.5 fold.

in order to “white” Thomas ordered this ticket from xian to dunhuang, for example, 1512 yuan ticket prices to the airlines website this trip discount economy class full price tickets for 1630 yuan, close to Y tank full price, price should be 100% of the mileage feedback, but now is 840 yuan after equal to 5 fold, full price tickets into E cabin, passengers can get mileage feedback is only 40%.

“white” Thomas graduated from Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, be familiar with the aviation sector. He said on his microblog, by telephone to verify from the airline, is indeed gone high class ticket.

ctrip on weibo message service to respond to the matter, said it had sent the commissioner of verification. “White” Thomas said, ctrip has been in contact with him by telephone, said the results of the survey is third party ticket generation irregularities caused by, promised return fare price difference.

third party ticket generation “hidden rules”?

for the above situation, ctrip relevant personage told reporters: “this ticket is out of ctrip’s cooperation. Ctrip after receiving guest complaints feedback, which has been found out, and refund the difference to the guest.”

the ctrip relevant personage explains, “this is the case,” ctrip will increase cooperation next PiaoTai regulation, and according to the contracts signed with each other make punishment to the ticket agent processing.

but, in fact, similar to the third party online ticket sales of misconduct is not alone. An unnamed OTA industry insiders told reporters: “the airline space is very complicated, also is the economy class, many consumers will not be noticed that the shipping space difference, based on the high price difference, the many small and medium-sized ticket generation exists such practices.”

“this kind of practice should be manual operation, agents and small agents as well as the platform, the information to consumers have no mileage points, the content of the passenger if not clear or don’t pay attention to, sit are economy class, actually it’s not easy to find the problems, which exist among high arbitrage space.” The above industry sources said.

he also said, for example, integral airlines tend not to display in a timely manner, tend to lag a few days. But many consumers often because don’t know the rules of integral, and ignore it.

professionals believe that the practice of such covertly exchange space, uninformed, generation using third party ticket passengers make a fare worse economic profits, at the expense of the rights and interests of passengers, more directly lead to have frequent flyer membership can’t according to the price paid by passengers to get mileage feedback, endorse and upgrades in the back, due to the different space corresponding to endorse the back of regulation, are more likely to cause problems.

flight steward Zhang Hongji, director of marketing, told reporters: “as far as I know, a few small ticket generation, often in the change of shipping space, upgrade and make an issue of no-trade clause. We at the time of access to suppliers, very pay attention to its quality, reputation and scale.”

the OTA industry more questioned said, ctrip is OTA, rather than the platform, is more direct operation, even if has a chinese-foreign cooperative PiaoTai, PiaoTai regulation should be more specification for cooperation.

as the nation’s largest OTA, ctrip business composition consists of: hotel reservation, ticket booking, holiday three big plate. Business as the main source of income of ctrip reservation, hotel booking business income accounted for 41%; Followed by airline reservations business, 40.4%; Tourism business accounts for less, now is only 18.6%.

source: China business news author: Xiong Xiaohui