My name is Emilio, I’m an IT and in my free time I dedicate myself to this blog in my daily life in the computer world, my impressions, my tastes and why not, everything that motivates me.

[2002] Baccalaureate LOGSE TECNOLÓGICO
[2005] Technical Engineer in Computer Systems
Average rating of notable (7)
[2007] Higher Engineer in Computer Science
Average rating of notable (8)
English language)
[1998] Title of the “Key English Test” (University of Cambridge)
[2002] Title of the “First Certificate Enghish Test” (University of Cambridge.)
Courses (English)
[1997] English course in Chichester, England.
[1999] English course in Chichester, England.
[2000] English course in Chichester, England.
[2001] English course in Chichester, England.
[2002] English course in Rush, Ireland.
Courses (computer science)
Knowledge engineering (artificial intelligence)
Java programming for the internet
The security of information systems and networks
Development of mobile applications with J2ME
Fundamentals on Java
Development of Mobile Services with the M-Direct, M-Content and L-Broker platforms
Work performed
Professor at the Alfonso X el Sabio teaching center (3 years)
Subject: C
Subject: Microprocessors
[2005/2006] Movente- Caja Duero grant for Java programming on mobile devices.
Research project on the presentation of heterogeneous contents in mobile devices.
[2006/2007] Beca Movente- Caja Duero for programming in Java on mobile devices.
MoviAca, driver assistance platform.
Repair and maintenance of computers in computer store
Creation of various web portals for the management and administration of several companies.
Operating systems
C / C ++ (Career note: 10)
Visual Basic (6) (Career note: 9)
Assembler (Career note: 9)
Java (Career note: 7)
The end-of-career work was a web service created with jdeveloper in Java that simulated a bulletin board where you connected and you could retrieve your messages or send messages to other people in the network. In this link you have an outline of the work.


These days, I leave home at 9 in the morning to go to the library and do not return until 8 at night (I do not want to say that I studied all that time xD).

Uff that bad life, the only thing that encourages me is that I have to take the car to go to the library, yes, there are closer, yes, my faculty is in the center, but .. I WANT TO DRIVE! In addition, this is studied much better 😀

Now there are only two exs, SO and ADO, when they finish to continue with the scholarship that is not that it has taken a long time …

This is a map of the city of Salamanca that I need for the scholarship, I had to go to the local police and they gave me this piece of paper (it occupies the same as my bed), it is not that I am too big, but not even to walk loaded with all this, I took a photo with a lot of resolution and I take in the pen drive 😛

This is the second year that I have received a grant in a technological project, last year we worked on a research grant on the presentation of content on mobile devices and as a practical application of the scholarship, the “AQUI” project of the university.

It consisted of a “GPS” inside the university, it told you how to get to the sites, cafeteria, exit, faculties … showing besides maps indications.

This application was a single one, and could be accessed from computers, PDAs, mobile phones … (that was the research work, the same content for different devices)
The photos correspond to the presentation in the class room of last year’s scholarship.