Custom Android support third-party developers to Wear your skin

Android Wear announcement, Google doesn’t seem big support third-party smart watches, application developers to create the custom skin. To produce this uncertainty, of course, can not stop the developers, and today, Google said they are working to develop public support smart watch application developers custom official API of the skin.

Google API time has come not only think, they also see watches made the smart skin need to make a “considerable adjustment”. There is no doubt that, but at the same time Google definitely require developers before using the stability of the API, cannot be customized skin on the app store to download.

although Google promised the API will be released soon, but in Android Wear fully integrated into the Android before L, these apis cannot be completed.

Google points out, since the Android Wear SDK released a few weeks, they have seen a lot of very good Android Wear applications. Developers generally want Google to support third-party custom skin. Custom make Android to flourish, the Android Wear as well. To ensure that the user can have one of the most abundant experience, Google will vigorously develop support customized smart watches API of the skin.

Google said it would try to be simple, so that the developers are more likely to produce the good experience, low energy consumption and smart watches the skin of the appropriate display user information.

Source: Google