Cut on-demand short-term car rental business, RelayRides made financing of $25 million

in nearly a year, P2P car rental business start-ups obtained rapid development. In the short term and long term car rental business different betting on both sides, the amount of revenue and car rental companies to maintain a stable growth. A few days ago, the company in a new round of financing, from Canaan Partners won $25 million.

so far, RelayRides totaling $44 million. Canaan Partners, general partner Deepak Kamra will vary depending on the round into the RelayRides board B.

RelayRides has transfer business to rent for a long time, rather than when the rent or day. In the first few years, RelayRides trying to compete with Zipcar and Scorpio. Latter and longer than short-term on-demand car rental, and general and onstar automobile companies to ensure that users do not need to get the keys can open and use the car. But RelayRides CEO AndreHaddad pointed out that the short-term rental market not only small, and is unlikely to expand. To remove a cost, short-term rental profits co., LTD.

short-term on-demand car rental and other problems, compared with the owner and the user face to face submit key, they will be more vehicle maintenance and traffic security problems. Therefore, the company suggested that short-term rental do more harm than good, last October, it was cancelled with hours of car rental business.

since then, the average rental time was increased rapidly. Haddad says, and the average rental time at about five days, many users choose weeks rent or even a month. Also, since the user must meet with the owner, when car rental car crashes or greatly reduce the risk of damaged car.

in addition to rent a car for a long time, RelayRides is expanding the business and its services cover the San Francisco international airport last summer, after it began to provide service for many domestic airports. Users can be in more than 300 domestic airport car rental, the P2P car rental mode means that they can get institutions than in a traditional car rental higher interest rates.

a new capital, RelayRides intends to do some more initiative, the most worth mentioning is the rental car sharing platform and the P2P brand awareness. It will also invest in its own products, including provide long-awaited Android mobile app. All in all, RelayRides company is expanding, which means it’s business cover outside the United States will greatly.