Data also showed that amazon is the ideal object “about gun”

although amazon in the smartphone market is regarded as a latecomers, yet better than apple, Google, however, but today’s data suggest that the amazon in the aspect of employee charm or really have an advantage.

the data derived from Hinge which is similar to “booty call” application of Tinder the Hinge platform, amazon employees the popularity of the higher than average 14%, while Google was only 7% higher than average, while apple just below average. The figure below shows for us, five mainstream technology company staff’s popularity.

Hinge was established last year, nearly 3 million people currently associated users. Unlike social networking applications such as Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge focuses more on the import of Facebook and other social relations chain as the selection criteria of “gun”. Hinge will grab the user data from Facebook accounts associated with the current company’s information, the Hinge according to their own account, is given priority to with job information, personal information is complementary. At the same time, the Hinge also through algorithm, allowing users with common contact relate to each other, which to a certain extent, ensure the quality of its users – 99% are professionals with higher education.

the above-mentioned popularity from other users to add, and from the point of passing rate, Facebook’s staff is the most tsundere, 7.5% higher than the average rejection probability than Hinge users, and the most popular amazon employees, and most don’t pick, rejected by the probability of 15% below average.