Day cat magic box 1 s of incoming, TV shopping from here?

hunting cloud network May 22

following last year’s Tmall box 1 generation, ali has announced to launch Tmall magic box 1 s, at present the upgrade version of the box has been officially land Tmall official flagship store and open appointments, sells for 299 yuan.

how the new product performance experience, hunting cloud network will show one by one to you.

configuration parameters

configuration, 8726-1 s carry Amolgic MX processor (1.5 GHz dual-core, agree with millet box 2, built-in 400 dual-core Mali GPU), 1 gb of memory DRR3 + 8 gb eMMC flash memory, support 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual-band wi-fi, AirPlay screen interactive protocol, run ali cloud OS.

interface, provide 1 RJ 45 cable interface, 1 HDMI interface, a USB 2.0 interface, support external USB drive. It is worth mentioning that changed from the original infrared remote control to 2.4 G rf, no longer subject to the limit of the Angle, is said to be linear range up to 12 m.

still from TV content sources, the new education TV channel in the vertical classification, (content most pay). In addition application with the game center has improve the quantity and quality, more entertaining.

out appearance

day cat magic box 1 s by foxconn OEM, design also had significant changes in appearance, more flat round as a whole.

in the packaging design is also greatly improved, from the appearance to the paper work is very delicate heart.

a rounded curve grinding is meticulous, integral curve has a meow star people’s feeling. Face was adopted double injection molding process is not painted, red is frosted panel.

need special, stylist specially designed cat nose for sleep, turn off the key, and the blue lights embedded in the triangle.

this product is a polishing is very beautiful and delicate.

accessories section.

really accessories wire, HDMI connector used the gold plating process, improve the transmission performance stability.

the metallizing technology of the new remote control. More delicate and pretty, finally is not the same as millet.

and technically the infrared remote control technology also change into 2.4 G rf remote control (not bluetooth), can need not scruple Angle problem, up to 12 meters, the linear range is better than the infrared remote control, and do not like bluetooth remote control need to be matched.

but is inefficient.

1 compared with 1 s. A lot of small volume.

interface view.


on the system using the latest TV version of ali cloud OS1.7 system, but compared to the previous version on the function, change is not big, actually few new features. So this review is no longer in detail, if you don’t understand, can view about hunting cloud network.

in content, Tmall magic box has provide every satellite TV channel TV hd content, and built directly into the sohu sources, are expected to have more advantages in the future content (entertainment treasure investment film, youku potato resource integration, etc.), support 100 road playback, including 18 road for hd. It is rich in the video content.

the new system originally are concentrated in the left column is separated from search Settings class layout in the upper and lower position.

Tmall box system interface are all made of darker colors, brightness is not high, in the evening is very comfortable to operate. During the day, but always with a feeling of image rendering has a problem, but does not have this kind of problem in video playback.

shopping channels to increase the video window, click on the video window directly related products sellers into the interface.

new education vertical channels. Education video resources are very abundant, from early childhood education to adult education, but mostly in the number of preschool education content, and most of the resources to collect fees, equivalent to buy the disc.

for families with children, the channel is very practical.

direct docking the sohu content resource, don’t need to download the sohu client can be used.

application market. The application of the current games, tools than generation has a good many, ali is arguably stages, great effort many annotation directly on the game: for ali.

but if you want to the game is fun, you are an honest buy a professional game handle, otherwise don’t play.

in the download applications, Tmall box automatically remind whether need professional handle, need to click on to jump directly to the purchase of interface, the same order, pay, this is unmatched by other box, smart TV.

TV playback Jivi basically in other smart TV, not seen on the box, you need to use the Internet, but very fast, even in high definition.

look round is an information system, is simply doing some “channels”, not on demand fast forward, click enter can view the system to provide directly is the movie.

the day of the new cat box appears very attentively on the hardware design and the work is careful, the material selection and quality, not to choose way, but do not support 4 k, the highest support 1080 p.

but in experience, mobile client prone to the condition of no response, remote control (may be a connection of the mouse, p.s Tmall box in any state of the mouse, keyboard can plug and play).

phone remote control client also added a variety of similar professional handle the function of remote control, but still can’t solve the game remote control function. So if you want to have fun games, you have to buy professional handle.

rich can be convenient to buy education content for families with children, very good value, not to be missed, so to speak.