Delay for two years, Nike finally let Android users also can use the FuelBand


2012 in Nike released motion tracking bracelets Fuelband since, many users have been calling for Nike Android the application. But Nike has been unimpressed, iOS single strategy.

when everyone is helpless to accept, to master the moment has come, Nike quietly on the ground line today Android Fuelband .

don’t happy too early, however, see conditions:

in the first place, this kind of Android application only supports the New Nike FuelBand SE . If you buy is old FuelBand , I’m sorry, does not support.

second, the application only supports Android 4.3 and the above system. Your version of the mobile phone is low? I’m sorry, does not support.

in addition, Nike official said the application for some special Android phone has been optimized. Such as samsung the Galaxy S3/S4, S5 , Nexus 5 , HTC one and Moto X . If you are not with these phones, contrast, you may not be able to get a better experience.

there is a good cooperation relationship between Nike and apple. This year 4 month, the industry spread , the injection pressure on apple’s wearable devices, with their own software and services combined with apple hardware. And reports that Nike + has the potential to be the New iPhone built-in applications.