Denny smart car, let you fall in love with bike travel

a to the rider of guidance, and equipped with smartphones tactile feedback function, 3 d printing titanium alloy handlebar. A pedal-powered “Snowpiercer (snow) the train”. A like James Bond’s ejection seat disc spring loaded place other people. These are just the bicycle design competition in Oregon (recent) present in the part of the creative concept.

this competition from five cities in the United States design firms and bicycle manufacturers matching combination, and ask them through the four common problems, making cities more attractive by bike: bicycle theft, rugged muddy roads, traffic navigation, and the transport of goods, either a laptop bag or a week’s groceries.

the winning design product, Denny, is by the design company Teague Taylor Sizemore joint design with bicycle manufacturers, the findings of this cooperation project proposed some low-key, but incredibly ingenious conception.

Lock the game

in the game, most of the participants in order to comply with security requirements, designed a typical holster U lock. And Teague and Sizemore invented a handlebar, it can be taken apart, parking, just the break out of the car can be like ordinary lock lock for it.

“for designers for bicycle lock seems to be a perpetual challenge: where is the lock should be installed, it should be size and volume, if it can ensure the wheel frame, it should be how to guard against theft, how it should be placed? “Project director Oliver, Mueller said. The solution is “I think we want it to fully integrated into the framework, so you never need to think about those questions.”

in addition to imitate the traditional u-shaped lock function, this design also ACTS as a virtual deterrent effect, huge vehicle makes the thief to ask where is the handlebars. So the thief wouldn’t risk the risk of being caught stealing a bicycle without handlebars cannot hit the road.

rain, go away

Teague and Sizemore also radically reconsider the mudguard. Denny did not like the traditional on the rear wheels of ordinary bicycle fender installation, but with a small rubber brush instead. It can be in when the rotation of the wheels to stain, it is an elegant and efficient choice.

Giant jet technology mountain bike

is famous for its design jumbo jet Teague, it will be advanced technology, such as electronic auxiliary motor and a smart battery management tools used in the design. As a result, designers to Denny is equipped with an electric motor, which makes it can cope with the complicated terrain, such as hills. Motor can also be in some cases, for the rider to increase the power, easy to complete its steep slope and muddy road. In addition, batteries hidden in the frame of the bicycle, and provide power to assist in the direction of light, when the driver to arrive can charge.

in addition to these eye-catching technology innovation, Denny the rigorous design inspiration mainly affected by Sizemore manufacturing bicycle for many years. A set of automatic gear shifting device can make the cyclist effortlessly drive on the winding road. R plate in comparison is more close to the ground, which reduces the bike’s centre of gravity. R plate bracket is integrated into the framework of bicycle, which means that it doesn’t as front wheel swing, so to avoid the leak of the goods. In front of the bike rung is very low, it makes the lady in the skirt when to get off to much easier and more convenient.

all in all, the improvement of these techniques is to the mode of bicycle commuting increased confidence on the fence. “Our goal is to design a bike, a car let them have confidence and trust, can one make them active it as transportation bicycle.”

Denny may not use 3 d printing of titanium alloy to make, but don’t expect it will be sold at a lower price. Despite the appearance of the bike is simple, but it is equipped with electronic auxiliary function, increase the cost of it and the technical complexity. “If the confidence as competitors for the car, we are also tried to break through a confident car function and role,” Mueller said. In addition, Denny’s fender is simulated, and relatively low cost products, so it has the potential to be aftermarket accessories.

Denny will be put into production by Fuji auto maker, its price or detailed information will be released in the spring of 2015 and the market sales.