Deny “dad” Yao Jinbo ambush Yang Haochong market is very dangerous

these two days controversies surrounding 58 city tencent’s $736 million investment from the intensified, and network CEO Yang Haochong 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo and fair also sent internal letter respectively, the theory of “reform” has become the industry and the core focus of the two bosses. Today, 58 city count, little market net want to reform, what do you think?

or not little paradox stop?

To zhan, or not To zhan: that is a question, Yao Jinbo and Yang Haochong around the discussion of the theory of “reform” is quite interesting.

Yang Haochong inside the letter said, “do not steal, because don’t want to let the market set up pressure on Wall Street, a loss of flexibility strategy execution. Don’t take because we don’t want to lose due to blindly choose independence.”

Yao Jinbo inside the letter said, “tencent won about 15% of the votes, and management to keep the absolute control of the company, as an independent company, we are open to the whole market cooperation. And baidu, 360, ali companies such as cooperation, I hope you continue to advance.”

two bosses, is one of the clash Yang Haochong think chose cooperation with giant will lose independence, while Yao Jinbo as possible with several giant cooperation. Yang, worried about losing control, while yao said only 15% of the voting rights of tencent, corporate control is still held in his hand.

view is different, different views, causing 58 and fair today two kinds of fate. Tencent’s investment in announced, after Yao Jinbo is not just a publicly to baidu, ali, and so on propaganda, tencent and 58 only investment relationship, 58 remain independent, at the same time also welcome BA investment 58 city. Yao seems very confident, don’t worry about tencent.

sides and loss of independence, control or not? Yang Fang: will; Yao Fang: we didn’t take, just investment cooperation, we remain independent and control.

don’t reform does not mean to curry favor with no

in fact, not reform still have to see if time suitable, interest is full. Yang Haochong said don’t want to choose sides and blindly, more like sour grapes taste cheer for the team and did not say definitely not reform, but more than a month ago Yao Jinbo 58 city without BAT also talk about how to live, less than two months, the wind has changed.

Yao Jinbo implied in the mail, before tencent 58 city investment, market has active contact with the tencent net for a long time, but it is only ten days to chose 58, this let old yao very tsundere. Perhaps Yao Jinbo for more than a month ago that “how to live without BAT” confused speech market network, let its think the negotiations with tencent in a good position (personal guess). Don’t reform does not mean, however, there would be no investment relationship and achieve investment nor lose independence.

if 58 resolute don’t accept tencent’s investment in the same market, the market network and tencent’s negotiations with greater leverage, because tencent had no choice, that market can gain more benefits. Yao Jinbo, however, is empty shakes a gun, let Yang Haochong misestimated the market situation, so that the city tencent turned to 58.

of course, investment involves the stock funds, accounting for and control problems, Yang Haochong feel confident about the market network, it is necessary to maintain their own interests, besides market network and selected, the market is not only the tencent a giant, even if miss tencent, and BA, tencent’s investment in 58 city, Fried hot markets, to promote fair value would be beneficial.

58 city with tencent market still insist on not take?

however, market network choice is not too much. Tencent’s $736 million investment in 58 city, basic is a completely withdrew from the competition for market network, then perhaps BA is willing to take over market network, but neither bid is too high, so tencent chose 58, let the market become passive, BA has reason to demand a low price.

in addition, depending on how many shares market network is willing to give up, will not lose control. Ali and baidu tend to holdings, which is the most is not willing to accept Yang Haochong, otherwise maybe now from tencent, of course, BAT holding that can do better.

now, 58 city rich flow, Yao Jinbo also expressed to quicken the pace of the investment to buy, to create living service industry, on the other hand, has the support of the flow of tencent, 58 city traffic can not only reduce cost, also can provide more usage scenarios, especially after joining social relations, 58 city have a better chance to solve the problem of the trust the classifieds site. These market network can’t broken, “the market is always fair, 58 seems to have not the 58”, at the current situation, how many people think the market continues to independent development will achieve counter attack?

58 has entered a rising fast, and now we don’t have much time to market, choose sides and is only a matter of time. Compared with ali, baidu’s search traffic is more suitable for the fair, but the giant in ali could give a better offer, it will have to see the market want money or flow.

ali, baidu really throws a market network?

in the us for BA when investment market try so hard, the analysis of the market in the future is to marry a baidu was ali, do you have a thought of ali and baidu’s feelings? Why BA investment market?

for ali, market focus on real estate, the recruitment area not ali, baidu has recruitment business “, and the investment real estate website to the guest, it is in conflict with the main business and market network.

at the beginning of market network has made it clear that hiring, house property is the main direction, market network and 58 city is planning to use the listed financing and tencent investment money to buy mobile client, car rental, looking for housekeeping, driving more subdivided service company in the field of life, such as the strategic direction of both have obvious difference. For, BAT, they are not too concerned about recruitment, the real estate industry, care more about the local living service market, may be this is tencent to choose one of the reasons for 58.

so, fair to get baidu or ali, must return to life again the service information market, but constantly adjust strategic direction is more likely to be the industry for strategic swing, if not let BA feel fair in life service market has the advantage, the value of the investment will sell at a discount greatly, at the current market situation, BA will not give too high a price. I need the service life of you didn’t do, I don’t need to recruitment, house property is the main direction of you, and hear some of the big differences.

in addition, has been abandoned by tencent, BA who have high prices would be willing to take over? Tencent don’t pick up? , of course, also cannot say that market have no value at all, after all is a second classification information, also accumulated a lot of life service market data, there is some strategic value, it is certainly no one dared to take over the price is too high.

article/Wang Liyang

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