Depends on how the police use Twitter to crack down on bicycle thieves

on June 1, according to foreign media reports, the San Francisco police department USES a Twitter account and GPS tracker to attack the city bike theft crime.

the San Francisco police sergeant Matt Friedman (Matt Friedman) with a “attack bike theft department director, the department is mainly using Twitter and GPS tracker to hit the city bike theft crime.

friedman USES the main tool is installed the GPS tracker “bike” bait, he will be the bait bikes parked many streets in the city of San Francisco.

once the bait bicycle was stolen, friedman officer and cracking down on bike theft department can carry out real-time tracking and eventually caught the thieves. After arrested the thief, the police also will publish their pictures on Twitter account @ SFPDBikeTheft.

in addition to let the thieves ashamed, the Twitter account will also release some advice and tips about protect the bike, such as the right way to lock, registered bike with the police, serial number, and with “is this a bait bike?” Such a piece of paper to confuse the thieves.

according to statistics, in 2012, about 4085 bikes stolen in the city of San Francisco. Stolen bike worth a total of $4.6 million.

according to the New York times reported that from 2006 to 2012, the number of bike theft crime increased by 70%.

but the number of bike theft crime growth does not affect the enthusiasm of the people to use bikes, especially in San Francisco this supposed to make the city more suitable for use bike over five years. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (Census Bureau) says, the number of people will ride a bike to work, San Francisco in the United States ranked fifth.

in July last year, San Francisco, the city council approved a $75000 grant program, used to support the local attack bike theft crime activities, and strive to before the August 2018 will reduce 50% bike theft crime. So the San Francisco police department to set up the attack bike theft department.

prior to this, the United States has to fight a lot of theft crime action, such as the university of Wisconsin, Madison after implemented a bait bicycle plan, intramural bike theft crime dropped by 40%.

police across the country have the frequency of the use of social media is more and more high. In 2013, is associated with social media, according to a study of nearly 96% of the police station in the United States to use social media in some way, and 80% of the police believe that social media has provides great help to solve the problem of crime. (Lin Jingdong)

source: tencent technology