Ding finally got the “ticket”

ding yesterday in the hot sun, close to the 798 art district, for his beloved “children”, netease cloud music, celebrates the birthday of one full year of life. Ding brief speech cannot hide proud joy, because the product finally let netease got the mobile Internet ship tickets.

first-class tencent, economy of netease

even if tencent’s are first class tickets, netease to economy class tickets, but the product finally let linger to netease on the ship.

since this is the ticket price, its role is at best a “qualification certificate”. The ship’s noble and ordinary people (prick silk), the final purpose is through the raffle tickets, to reach the other side of the more promising. In view of this, for netease, one of the most important in this boat, rather than with others for the first class seats. Nobles may lose modesty or blind expansion and come down; Prick silk, if can “to accumulate power, tapping one point”, can also play counter attack.

as a noble WeChat, its development direction is horizontal platform. With the strongest social relationship chain, you can do and you don’t have the ability to continuously gather your done. Because in high micro letter, need to constantly stimulate investors and market, and for tencent for higher market capitalization and imaginary space.

as “the dream silk” in the field of mobile Internet, should be the development direction of netease longitudinal “application clusters”. With a characteristic, product experience unrivalled niche applications, quickly cut into the market, and establish their own moat. On the basis of this, dig the related derivative field.

, netease cloud music makes us see the ding’s upcoming counter attack.

is not necessarily the best, but it is the most careful

ding is one of the first batch of interconnected practitioners in China, its natural quality of the geek, let netease has focused in the production of products, superior characteristics. Yi letter may never stirred with a core of WeChat mobile IM pattern, but we can’t say this is simply because the products do not good.

as an ordinary user, I think netease cloud music do well. But as an objective and fair media, hunting cloud network editor jun is not willing to quoted ding grandiloquence (” netease cloud music lead similar competitors full two years “). But, we sure, this is a condensed the ding’s products. It may not be the best, but it is a product netease’s heart.

we think netease cloud music’s most prominent advantages can be summarized as the following four points:

high quality audio source: there’s no need to say more. If your headset is not the addition of a decade or two dollars, then netease cloud music audio quality is you can intuitive experience. So far, netease cloud amount of high quality music music has topped 5 million. User-created playlist high quality 32 million, netease cloud music to become China’s largest online song sheet music library.

cross-platform: is now on PC, Android, iOS, end (including tablet) netease cloud music, will implement the whole platform login at the end of this year. It is worth noting that ding commitment will be developed for WP users “no functional castration” netease cloud music. In addition, will also make WP users enjoy the two months as Android, iOS users an updated version of “equal status”. Although the application of the WP ecological environment has improved a lot, but can do this “equally” developers are in the minority.

Most design feeling:

in one year after the launch, netease cloud music climbed to 20 million total users. In spite of the growth is not slow, and competitors at hundreds of millions of users scale or in the shade. Interestingly, many people choose to netease cloud music because of the application interface design. Design or aesthetic feeling, is a subjective opinion concept. We can’t according to individual be fond of, jump to assert.

however, the current music used in the design there are two defects “objective”. The first is the overall style of the discrepancy and mobile system. The second is a product within the design of discontinuities (contradiction). A domestic so-called is one of the largest music applications, users is the representative style mix. Some interface is Android style of pale color, and other interface was the WP big piece style.

netease cloud music with almost the same design style, in more than one platform achieves the balance, coherent, harmonious. Black music graphics, black, white, red color, similar to image waterfalls flow layout, make this app interface to obtain the maximum number of users alike. When it comes to the design of netease cloud music, ding said proudly: “design is only black music movement speed, we will have multiple reference real music playback speed. We do this purpose, is to maximize the reduction of natural, build atmosphere.”

the most important is the personalized recommendation service:

what makes netease cloud music lead? One of the most important is a magic weapon to win compared to other similar applications, more precise song recommendation.

with the mobile Internet and the rise of intelligent device, the user’s entertainment and leisure presents obvious fragmentation state. Is the direct result of fragmentation, we choose the time actually decreased. The user wants to apply smart enough, can seize the fragmentation of fleeting time, automatically recommend personalized service for them. This is also why streaming music field now beginning.

netease cloud music personalized recommendation based on a very flattering way of data collection, investigation “within” application. Netease cloud music, registered users will first be reminded for personalized Settings. A user by answering two words, then choose two sound bites, allowing netease cloud music to determine the type of the user preferences. After hunting cloud network editor you personally test, the effect is good. You like a few songs, really appear in the songs of automatic recommendation list.

as ding himself put it, netease cloud music core is a “music” application. Its goal is to automatically recommend personalized music for the user. However, at present we do not yet clear whether this app has the function of “deep learning”. After all, a simple “question and answer scoped” or can’t be accurate.

future: the establishment of the ecological system and how to liquidate

remember prick silk to be successful counter attack, must after sprinting, dig for vertical niche. This can increase user stickiness, to establish a reasonable business model, also can lift the barriers to entry, set a high defensive walls.

yesterday’s conference, netease has revealed his grand plan:

, with music as the core industrial chain is established. has introduced the independent musicians talk show, music playing game show, etc., establish a complete ecological system.

, introduction of independent musicians support programs. this is very important. On the one hand, can be in a certain extent, the provincial high copyright costs; On the other hand, helps to form the first effect of “music media”, enhance the user’s closeness.

the last point, is hunting psychosexuality cloud network editor king – will try to software and hardware combined with ? Interestingly, yesterday’s conference, netease offered everyone a “netease cloud music custom headphones”. What good music is an obvious fact that quality, in good algorithm, also need the support of simulated reduction device. Some domestic application have been trying to combine hard and soft music. You know, this is not a simple headset hardware. Intelligent elements, may become a new “entrance”.

and ecological system to establish the existence of the corresponding relationship is netease cloud music business model in the future. At present, including streaming music service, many music application, also are on the stage of burn money for users. Netease cloud music ecological system, help to establish a reasonable cash way in the future.

netease cloud music independent musicians support programs, MV release plan, etc., can be a netease new profit growth point in the future. And musicians into, advertisers to soft the manner of a song or album promotion, is the obvious way of making money.

like WeChat, netease cloud music eventually the purpose of the arrival to the people of China unicom.

this is very important. To ding, netease cloud music is not just play a music playback (search) for free software, it can also help those who love music, transfer of spiritual communication, thoughts for each other. “I hope netease cloud music can become the world’s best music sharing applications,” ding said. So, noble and prick silk plate intestinal war has been launched at another level quietly…