Ding inside address: the direction of die upon micro letter is not the only choice

cloud network hunting note: netease’s mobile IM easecredit anniversary, netease CEO ding release internal mail. In the mail, ding said easecredit achieved satisfactory results, users not only a demand for mobile social applications, the future will die.

here are ding E-mail:

your easecredit colleagues, everybody is good:

today is easy to believe in for a whole week, year, easecredit has obtained great achievement, easy to obtain and present each letter grades of easecredit team members are inseparable. Over the past year, everyone’s hard work!

however, easecredit achievements represent the past, only in the future we have more difficulties to overcome, are going to play more battle and in the future we will have two hundred million, three hundred million users. We want to understand, at the same time our opponents are not. But as long as the direction of, and we will go to dead.

yi letter to the strong demand of mobile Internet users, so we should do whatever it takes to make it bigger and stronger.

on the Internet today, everyone has the very strong social communication needs, everybody has the huge need the chain of connections. For company, if you don’t help users solve the social demand, we will lose the competition of this field. in fact, our opportunity is very big, today users not only a demand for mobile social applications, micro letter is not the only option.

so big users of social demand, we will have more reason to be grasped the nettle, although we know that our opponent is a big MAC. Big MAC has the big difficulty, easily believed to have the advantage of the letter. Like fight with the dinosaur, as long as its own enough flexibility and creativity enough was enough to beat each other. now yi letter is very small, very flexible, we can make decisions quickly at any time, the flexibility to adjust our direction, can use a lot of innovation. but not our opponents, they had been kidnapped by business, has been successfully covered her eyes, to from the perspective of user interest to improve the products and services.

this innovation gives us time and space. By means of innovation, we can help our customers, and now the Internet is not our users establish a solid social relationship, every day now have one million to easecredit users mutual friends! Our “ ask” and “carpool”, are also gradually broke out in a strong power.

challenge the big MAC, I think the process will be very hard, but don’t challenge the big MAC, later will be more difficult. many years ago, and MSN almost equally, but MSN did not dare to challenge, finally gave up, only to the today. Today we challenge WeChat, as long as never give up, it is possible to challenge the success. I believe that through easecredit team unremitting innovation and a strong challenge, we will be able to achieve a breakthrough!

in the challenges in the process of our strong competitors, our team is the most need is courage, Internet innovation never comes from the courage. Courage is a kind of go upstream, attitude and spirit of never give up. Stick to does not fear the difficulty, not afraid to make mistakes, adhere to the spirit of innovation, we have a lot of opportunities and space.

the last I want to say is, and everybody is easy to believe in the process of development, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes is not terrible, terrible is have no chance to even make a mistake. is inherently requires continuous trial and error, exploration and innovation China’s Internet is on a another mistake, made the correction and time and time again.

there is reason to believe that as long as the direction is right, easy to believe success is just around the corner. for everyone working in the field of the Internet, enjoy the surprise, in the process of will be you this life the biggest wealth.