Ding Internet charge: don’t take crocodile as gecko

China entrepreneur magazine launched 10th 2014 cover story “don’t take crocodile as gecko, an exclusive netease chairman ding, look at the fast time” slow “Mr Ding self-analysis product view, landscape view, outlook on life. The following as part of the interview, see ding how to evaluate the BAT. 10 more wonderful content, the official Chinese entrepreneurs WeChat will launch, stay tuned.

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CE: BAT now you often said the big three covers all industries, and to look down and three tigers, millet, jingdong, qihoo 360, netease caught in the middle, what do you think yourself this kind of competition? What is your competitive advantage?

ding: BAT in addition to tencent, ali and baidu or traffic patterns, netease is the real content providers, platform supplier. More than three tiger profits added up to no netease, not letter add up 360, jingdong, millet, who do you see how? So, we are quiet about crocodiles, don’t just when we were gecko, what’s the point of arguing with them, their products well, some things have ideal, have faith was happy, don’t talk to somebody else’s circle of the earth. I also know there are some of the company’s management is not on the road, still confused, our company has been gone 17 years.

CE: what did you do to 18 years in the Internet, you feel the “Internet thinking” this concept? What is your summary of “Internet thinking”?

ding: absolutely, but you have to take out things to prove that you have. My Internet “fast” is not particularly important in thinking, keep improving, good user experience, the two are very important. I think “focus” is right, but this is the definition of traditional industry, is not proprietary Internet industry. My product each version to strive for perfection, you simply don’t see how competitors, time is a lot of competitors make mistakes, don’t cry because it is fast, themselves to death. You lei jun says he is thinking in the Internet, how to don’t put the kingsoft powerword do better? Or you do not focus, you said didn’t think update how fast fast.

CE: what do you do product so careful, is not afraid to miss the timing?

ding: I think that time is a false proposition. Like sina news do before doing particularly well, now I believe sina news client is doing is not particularly good, not as good as I do.

we now news client version 4.0 did a lot of innovation. Before the traditional reading is to read newspapers, magazines, or PC, after watching a close and went away. Mobile phones are at work in the morning to see, we have to look at when you eat at noon, at night while waiting for the car to see, read the number of times increases, reading quantity increased greatly, how do you to control the rhythm, let the user to read every time new, fun things, feel very readable? 4.0 we did it. Can come up with the idea of people, not in our company, they will not think so, I want to come out.

I said mobile reading should have rhythm, from eight in the morning, and like to eat breakfast, what’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, when you go to sleep at night to see what, I will grasp the rhythm. Television is a rhythmic, have morning news in the morning, noon news, news broadcast, at 7 o ‘clock news broadcast after focus interview, focus after the interview to a TV show, and there is a news broadcast at nine o ‘clock. There is a rhythm.

I think chances are always there. Apple mobile phone in 2007, early in 1993, nokia and MOTOROLA are already doing mobile phone, do you think he is late? He wasn’t late, he made a smartphone. Didn’t do but you can’t say nokia smartphones, nokia has a mobile phone call 9110, they also tried to do a smartphone, but is not successful. You know, jobs done in 1995 on a PDA is called “Newton”, in his “Newton” in countless tuition later, in 2007 when the iPhone was successful, you can’t say he didn’t think of a racquet head, before the accumulation of “Newton” impossible to make the phone.

some things will be successful, really is the right place, right time, and you said the accident may have, but must also pay the tuition at countless, it became clear that the next time I do this thing where to start.

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