Do free WiFi again not violation of user privacy, see how SocialSign balance

according to wired magazine in the United States, for small businesses, what they provide free WiFi is often a thankless service, because almost no one will be dedicated to “network” and specifically to buy a cup of coffee. And unlike other online merchants, the cafe usually will not record about who USES his WiFi network information data, etc.

but, no matter you like it or not, the current big data has dominated the whole online business market, in fact, only the most real businesses still like living in the old century didn’t collect the consumer habits of network data. However, at present has been such a part of the personal data collected specifically for consumers and business start-ups.

had jointly set up social media monitoring service SocialFlow Michael palin lung (Mike Perrone) believe that he is on the premise of not violating consumer privacy found a seamlessly WiFi access user information collection, and transformed into valuable method of consumer data. To this, her long and Jeff linzeux pull (Jeff Lanza) was jointly founded their latest start-ups SocialSign. In.

SocialSign. Founded in the concept is actually very simple, that is if the user needs to access through SocialSign merchants WiFi network in certification, they need to log in first own Facebook, LinkedIn, or email account for validation, once the user has landed successfully they can travel to business Facebook page “like”, subscribe to the business email advertising services, at the same time also can communicate directly with the business expansion. Even if consumers don’t want to do these tedious operation, merchants can also through social networking site user login account to get valuable information about consumers. It should be said that this is to allow merchants without infringement of consumer privacy access to user data is the most ideal way, because that also can make consumers get benefits directly.

“is the most important thing for us to maintain the balance of the stores and end-user requirements.” RON said.

at the same time, some other similar information collection start-up mode is not so transparent, this is mainly because the technology advent of time is not long, and none of them has been fully tested. Recently, Beacon technology has attracted many people’s eyes, thanks to apple to vigorously promote a technology. IBeacons is apple WWDC in 2013 launched a micro precision positioning technology based on bluetooth 4.0, when a user’s handset near a iBeacons base station, the equipment can be induced to iBeacons signal, it can range from a few millimeters to 50 meters. For example, when a user walks into a shopping center with an iPhone shop, at the same time it also means that the user has entered the shop iBeacon signal area, can iBeacon base stations to the user’s iPhone transmission such as coupons or in-store navigation information. Even when users go to certain in front of the counter, iBeacon will also provide personalized recommendation information.

at the same time, such as retailers passenger flow analysis service RetailNext also for offline retailers to provide the comprehensive analysis of the service, including with WiFi traffic monitoring, video monitoring and POS transaction data analysis, etc., this is equivalent to actually get offline retailers can also like store electricity network operators to identify and understand their customers. Consumers, however, is usually unaware that it has been monitoring the service, so it has caused controversy about privacy in the industry.

it is understood that comes from start-up incubator satellites SocialSign. In 80 is now in the New York area has the cooperation merchant, they together in more than 200 locations has installed the technology. Although the business scope of sounds is not large, but considering the customers such as museums and theatres often need for the service spending $10000 to set up the cost of this fact, SocialSign. In the future business prospect is quite optimistic.

“for an application, it is not much, but you should know that this is a B2B service.” Brooklyn Bridge venture firms (Brooklyn Bridge Ventures), a partner at the same time also SocialSign. Charlie of investors in Mr Tang (Charlie O ‘donnell, Neil said.

at present, SocialSign. In sales amount has reached the previous two times, and every month more than 100000 unique users register on the service. Valuable is that there are many users chose to focus on their land merchants social accounts, or agreed to leave your email address. In a normal weekend, New York City museum can even get 400 independent number of user login, the application of 100 downloads, and get the email information about 50.

“if you imagine in the past in order to get 400 times the amount of user login we need to do much work will see the surprising thing about the service.” RON finally said. (Tom)

source: tencent technology