Do no WeChat: easecredit carpooling is in desperately

for some time, both the media and the media attention to easecredit is no longer as easy when and as the just born, this is because most people think we cannot beat subconscious micro letter, so will lose public opinion topic, however, ding but still have confidence in yi letter?

has the biggest basis of knowledge is easy to believe it with micro product homogeneity, it is difficult to migrate user’s social relations. If this logic, however, if the right, that yi letter to solve problems with product differentiation development. The truth also is such, devoted to stranger with micro letter of similar products, but relying on the stranger social product positioning in the shadow of the micro letter fight the way out, this shows that the micro letter is just cater to regular public demand of the doctrine of the mean, breakdown service market is still quite a lot of opportunities.

we also understand that repeated WeChat do no way out, and for the stranger social, not only the market is extremely competitive, and it also does not conform to the netease and telecom’s brand image, finally chose to do more in line with the product key social product to solve practical problems.

general mobile IM product differentiation is the different function, we launched a free text messages and phone messages, international telephone calls and such WeChat don’t have mobile IM quality function, these functions meet the demand of the actual life of a small number of users to use, this make easy letter understand maybe is a better way to solve a practical problem for the user, so based on the idea of easecredit successively introduced a friend map, ask, and other functions. However, to promote the practicability of the product, just rely on these relying on network service is far from enough.

easecredit June launch carpool service, in a big way is mobile IM on entity service differentiation, however, due to car pool service involves many easecredit link of the product itself, which requires the owner is willing to provide a car, you also need to passengers to dare to do strangers, which increases the difficulty in operation.

carpool services are the different types of owner and get together with all kinds of passengers, so the hard to avoid can appear all sorts of problems, and these problems often lead to the parties to carpool services. Carpooling service market effect on the future of entire easecredit, can be said to be the bet is a do or die.

so, we see, on the basis of the carpool, easecredit announced recently jointly launched China’s ping an “insurance”, and in order to solve a miracle of different user needs, on the basis of carpool basic, easy letter also launched include pet insurance, kidnapping of illegal detention, rob money of color risks such as fancy is planted, it seems easy to letter is determined to be on the road car pool to the dark.

easecredit carved fine grinding carpool service, in fact is to become a useful to try mobile IM products, carpooling is easy letter to find practical value can reflect the social contact, also is the essence of the carpool to activate more easecredit users return to social itself, to embody the easecredit and WeChat alienation exists.

may some people believe that easy to carpool, don’t conclusion too early, you can open easecredit carpooling try, let me kiss after measuring results and some surprise. According to the white paper released by the cumulative use of more than 1 million, the number of daily published nearly 3000 carpooling lines, carpooling general line more than 50000, loved by city users, the other I didn’t know that I live in a small town in zhejiang province, someone a lot of carpool function in easily also. It seems that, carpooling or have actual demand.

without first excited, who also didn’t say carpooling service can instantly make easecredit look different, but easy to adhere to the practical of this road is no problem, through a practical function, another on a single user viscosity, the social relationship between users also was formed naturally.

of course, for to practical easecredit, only a carpool services is relatively thin and you need to all kinds of innovation to solve practical problems of the service function, and the expansion of the market also has the very big space in this respect, because of our life, there are still many questions no more effective solutions. However, before that, you must first make carpool service, after all, carpooling is easy letter to the practical road of the first level, only through this, the next level of business innovation is carried out more easily.

in addition, the public opinion to easecredit expectation is higher, so naturally demanding some accordingly. Contrast under Momo, perhaps you can understand this. In July, easecredit and stranger stranger has announced the respective users, easy break 100 million letter, devoted to devoted to 150 million, in fact, in the level of measurement, 1 and 1.5 not too big difference, but the public opinion to the stranger stranger attitude is “surprise”, 150 million and 100 million of easecredit is just so so. Can’t, easy to tune up when she was born this gao, onlookers criteria nature is raised, if we do in silence at the beginning of, suddenly one day announced the user $, may now you feel will be impressed.
Wen/Wang Liyang
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